Trading, as a skill, is no more the same; it was a few years back. Today, technology decides the quantum and nature of profits. Traders are increasingly turning to cutting-edge technology for shoring up their income from the stock market.

As traders become more creative and technologically advanced, they prefer charting platforms that are nonjudgmental. And, when it comes to precision in charting, Trading View has no alternatives.

However, traders, while using Trading View, often make a few fatal mistakes. The mistakes can be both big and small. Whatever the mistake, it leads to a loss.

This article takes up the 5 common mistakes traders make while using Trading View as their charting option.

But before we delve deeper, let's understand the benefits that Trading View provides to its users. Knowing the benefits will help you to understand the mistakes even better.

5 Benefits of Trading View

Trading View has revolutionized the concept of trading. The best part is that, unlike other chart-scanning and stock-screening platforms, Trading View is equally admired by both experienced traders and newbies. The following are the top reasons why traders like Trading View.

  1. It's a one-stop store for everything related to trading. Be it stocks, crypto, currencies, indices, derivatives, or bonds, Trading View lets you research everything.
  2. As the trading business can sometimes make you feel lonely, Trading View has an active network of over 1 million traders and investors who lend their ears to new and experienced traders.
  3. Traders can follow multiple markets and multiple instruments, all on the same screen.
  4. Traders get access to ideas, which, when combined with real-time data, can give the right edge in trading.
  5. Trading View regularly publishes high-quality educational content that can hone the skills of traders.

Notwithstanding all the amazing benefits that Trading View offers, there are certain mistakes that traders make, which often results in the loss of capital. Let us now understand the top-5 mistakes traders make and how you can avoid committing those.

The Top-5 Mistakes Traders Make While Using Trading View

Mistake #1 - Enrolling in a Training Program Right Away, Expecting Massive Gains

Trading View is more than a trading platform; it is a way of life for traders. Every day, you would find thousands of self-proclaimed and industry-acclaimed trading gurus distributing knowledge that are or seems to be trustworthy.

While Trading View always wants you to stay on top of the market, it can in no way prohibit traders from publishing content that seems credible but is not. As a fact, some of the content can be so overwhelming that you will find yourself in a fix and can prompt you to jump on the bandwagon instantly.

As a trader, keep your eyes and ears open to filter out the genuine from the fake. One of the best ways to identify a scammer is by checking the nature of their signals. Traders who have no intention to offer genuine help will always publish signals without any explanation.

Another worst mistake that you can make is to enroll in a training program offered by someone with thousands of positive reviews. In case the offer is too irresistible, check as many reviews as you can and talk to previous students before making any payment. Also, remember that there is no magic wand that can make you a trading expert; successful trading is a result of immense hard work and dedication.

Mistake #2 - Trading With Real Money As Soon As An Idea Seems Perfect

As they say, trading is a zero-sum game. For you to earn money, somebody has to commit a loss-making mistake. In this game of the mind, time plays the most significant role.

In Trading View, ideas flow like water. If you are receptive enough, every second can expose you to hundreds of new ideas. Finding out the right one can be a challenge.

So, you might decide to go for a trader who seems credible on-screen and copy their ideas. As a fact, traders who copy others' ideas generally fail miserably.

As an informed trader, try not to copy someone's trading ideas randomly. Prepare a strategy of your own and test it before assimilating others' ideas. Only by integrating an expert's idea with your time-tested strategy, you can expect to generate healthy and consistent profits.
Mistake #3 - Using Public Chat to Make Trading Decisions

Most often, you would find traders asking questions on public chat about a currency pair, stock, or crypto. Unskilled traders will take a long trade if everybody is going gaga over a long call. Similarly, they would go short if the crowd is cheering the fact.

While Trading View chats are a good way to enhance your knowledge, you should never rely on them blindly. Try to have a trading plan ready and an out-and-out knowledge of the instrument you are trading, before asking for opinions and taking a trade.

Mistake #4 - Buying Signals or Bots Because They Seem Promising

Traders are dynamic creatures. Every trader on Trading View has something to teach you. Some ingenious traders even go to the extent of creating a signal service or automated bots of their own, which they sell against money.

Although occasionally a bot might perform better than a human trader, it rarely beats the success ration of an experienced trader.

So, if you are a trader who would like to earn without research, a bot or a signal service might entice you. In case you decide to go for a service, make sure it has a proven history. You may also opt for a free trial to check the quality of the calls.

Mistake #5 - Not Availing Services of a Broker Who Offers Trading View Charts

Selecting a broker comes naturally to most traders. Barring a few seasoned traders, others barely recognize the importance of selecting the right broker.

There is no denying the fact that Trading View charts are probably the best charts you may lay your hands upon. However, it is the broker that you select ultimately determines the level of satisfaction you get from the charts.

To make things sweeter, free stock trading using Trading View charts is no more a distant dream. Avail the benefits of world-class charts with a free trading account, and you may as well join the league of big and successful traders.


Despite having read the best of books and having the best of advice at one's fingertips, traders still fail. Don't get disheartened; it happens with the best of traders. Keep an eye on this space to pick up interesting knowledge that can make the right difference between profit and loss.