local Tiler in Australia

If you are renovating your bathroom or kitchen, there is a high chance that you will be looking for a tiler to do the tiling work. But if you are keen like most people, you will want to hire someone who can do the work the way you want. Getting a skilled tiler to fix your tiles can make a whole lot of difference in the appearance and performance of surfaces in your home. 

This is particularly important when you are installing modern tiles like large porcelain tiles, timber-look tiles, and rectified tiles that can pose a challenge for inexperienced tilers. This reality notwithstanding, it is not easy to find a qualified tiler in Australia. 

If are looking to hire a qualified tiler, here are 5 tips to help you find one in Australia: 

1. Hire Licensed and Insured Tiler

When looking for a local tiler, opt for one that has the skills and qualifications to provide tiling services. The best way to determine a local tiler is capable of doing a professional tiling job is to check his licensing documents. A license plays an important role in assuring customers of quality work. 

To acquire a tiling license, tilers have to meet specific conditions including training. Often, a tiling license provides a customer with sufficient evidence a tiler has the necessary qualification. Licensed tilers are therefore considered to have met the skills and knowledge requirement set by the construction industry to provide tiling services. 

Besides having a license, opt for a tiler who has insurance. As the tiler works on your project, an accident can happen. The best way to avoid accident costs being passed to you is to hire people that already have TradeRisk Insurance for Tilers

2. Use Referrals to Get Tilers

One of the most effective ways to find the best local tiler in Australia is to talk to people who have completed tiling projects. The best place to start is finding out whether you know a neighbor or a friend who has had his or her home tiled recently and is very satisfied with the outcome. Once you identify some, request for a chance to look at the work the tiler did to see whether it meets the standard you want. If the tiling work represents what you want, ask them to share contact details of tilers with you so you can reach out to them. 

3. Get Quotes from Multiple Tilers

Before you settle on a tiler, request several tilers to send you a price quotation. Getting quotes from different tilers gives you an idea of how different tilers price their services. But price should not be the only factor you should consider when hiring a tiler. In most instances, the workmanship of tilers who charge low prices is not that good. 

As such, in addition to price, evaluate each quotation based on the suitability of the tiler to deliver the job. For instance, there are tilers who are skilled at fixing bathroom tiles while others are good at fixing natural stone tiles. Alongside the quotations, ask the tilers to share photos of previous projects with you. This will give you an idea of the quality of work to expect from them and help you make an informed decision on which tiler to hire. 

4. Consider Tiling Experience

Experience matters a lot in tiling. Even when you find a licensed tiler, you need to go a step further to find out how long he has been working as a tiler. A tiler who has experience will deliver a high-quality tiling service than an inexperienced one. This means that the lifespan of your tiling project will also be extended. 

Another benefit of hiring an experienced local tiler is that he is likely to get work details right. Because of experience, such a tiler is able to determine junction details and identify the best way to set the tilers. He will set the appropriate distance between tiles to prevent water penetration and keep the grout in place. Though hiring an experienced tiler will cost you more, their reputation and history are good signs that your tiling project is in good hands. 

5. Pay Attention to Communication

When hiring tilers, most people do not consider communication an important factor to consider, but it is. One thing that determines how easy or difficult a tiler is to deal with is communication. When undertaking a tiling project, you want to be communicating with your tiler on a regular basis. 

A good tiler is the one that communicates with you constantly throughout the project period. Ideally, he should be able to respond to your questions fast and reach out to you whenever he needs to clarify something. If a tiler has poor communication skills, you will have a difficult time working with him. To avoid the headache that goes with poor communication, you are better off not hiring such a tiler. 

Last Word

Tiling is a technical job that requires skill and experience to execute. The tiler you hire to fix your tiles can make or break your project. Use the five tips discussed above to hire the best local tiler and get the tiling works in your home done in a professional way.