Air Conditioning
When replacing an old air conditioning unit in your current home or installing an air conditioner in a new residential property, the company you hire for the task is important. An AC system is one of the huge investments that you can make to your residence. The installations of these units are quite complex and disruptive, especially if you need to lay new ductwork throughout your home. Therefore, selecting the right air conditioning contractor is crucial because you need the ductwork layout done well the first time to help you avoid having to repeat the work later on.

Using the wrong HVAC service can result in incorrect installations of the air conditioner, and poor workmanship can cost you a lot in terms of money used as well as inconveniences in the long run. Fixing HVAC installation faults after the construction of a new home can be quite costly and frustrating. In a worst-case scenario, an incorrectly installed air conditioner can even compromise the safety of your household. To ensure you are hiring the best air conditioning contractor in Riverside, here are five critical things you need to take into account.

Get referrals and check reviews online.

Before hiring an air conditioning firm in Riverside, it is always good to do some background check about the contractor. Find out how long the company has been in the HVAC business to select a firm with a good track record. Generally, an established firm might be more stable, experienced, and even hold a good reputation in the region. That is only an excellent place to begin when determining the AC contractor to hire. However, it does not mean that a new HVAC company will do a shoddy job or that going for a long-standing firm guarantees a great job.

As a result, it is advisable to dig deeper by browsing the HVAC company's website for more information and going through customer reviews. If you cannot find any customer reviews on a company's website, you can try looking at the local business directories that typically feature customer reviews. The other way to locate a reliable contractor is through referrals. You can ask your friends, co-workers, and neighbors to refer you to a trustworthy contractor they have engaged recently.

Check if they are licensed and insured.

As stated at, Like any other sector, to work in the air conditioning, the heating and ventilation industry requires specialized training and skills. HVAC systems have a variety of mechanical parts, and the contractors require in-depth knowledge of how these machines function to install, repair, and maintain them correctly. Also, the contractors need to know how to work safely with electrical and gas components. For all these reasons, the HVAC industry is regulated.

When you want to hire an HVAC firm, ensure that the company fulfills all the state requirements. You also need to check whether the contractor has a workers' compensation insurance covering any injuries or accidents workers might suffer when the work is going on. Checking the licensing and insurance will help narrow your search for a suitable contractor because you can quickly disqualify all unlicensed HVAC contractors.

Ensure they conduct home evaluations

When an air conditioning contractor is bidding on a job, they should always carry out a home evaluation. Do not accept any telephone quotes because they only indicate unprofessional and lazy contractors. An HVAC contractor cannot know the product that will best suit your home and the size of the air conditioner to install if they do not carry out a home evaluation to determine your cooling and heating needs. During a home evaluation, an HVAC expert can also spot other problems that might need your attention, such as poor ventilation or insulation leaks.

If you are thinking of switching from a conventional packaged model, the HVAC specialist can explain the various types of air conditioners on the market to help you decide on the best solution for your household. Furthermore, if energy efficiency is your main concern, the HVAC contractor can advise you accordingly and recommend suitable energy-efficient systems. You need to discuss all these things during a home inspection before the HVAC contractor gives you a quote.

Check if they have a robust AC maintenance plan.

Maintaining an air conditioner is essential to ensure the warranty offered by the manufacturer gets upheld, but it is also crucial to keep your unit performing at its best. Nonetheless, not all maintenance packages are equal. Many HVAC firms offer a maintenance plan, but some of them perform basic maintenance tasks only. Ask the HVAC contractor for a full list of the tasks they carry out on routine maintenance calls. The company should conduct a thorough inspection of the components, including electrical connections. If the air conditioner requires repairs or adjustments, the air conditioning technician should be able to fix it immediately.

Check whether they offer a warranty or guarantee.

Not all air conditioning companies provide a product guarantee or warranty on labor. However, it is a crucial factor to consider when selecting an HVAC company. If some parts of the air conditioner are faulty or the HVAC system develops problems after installation, the warranty covers the replaced parts' cost, and a guarantee covers the repair work.

Most parts warranties usually cover a duration of five to ten years. It gives you peace of mind, especially if something goes wrong with the air conditioner during that period. However, that comes with a requirement. You will have to ensure the AC is thoroughly inspected by a licensed contractor at least once every year for the manufacturer to fulfill the terms of the parts warranty.


There are many air conditioning companies in Riverside, each offering a variety of services. Going through a long list of HVAC companies might be time-consuming and tedious, but it is worth taking enough time to do your research before hiring an AC company. We have highlighted the five things we consider significant when selecting an air conditioning service. You can use this checklist as your guide to help you make your decision faster and easier when looking for an air conditioning contractor in Riverside.