dog wellness
There are two main types of ailments seen in canines that can be significantly alleviated by the use of certain kinds of dog beds.

These two ailments are:

Structural conditions, such as arthritis or hip dysplasia

Arthritis is more commonplace in older or larger breed dogs; however, younger dogs can also experience symptoms. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage that cushions the bones in joints breaks down through wear and tear. Also known as Degenerative joint disease, this wear results in chronic joint stiffness and inflammation.

So how do you know if your dog is suffering from arthritis, what signs to look out for?

Your dog’s movements may become stiff or disjointed. This stiffness will often be worse when your dog gets up from resting. In severe cases, you may see that your dog tries to avoid putting weight on the affected limbs.

Arthritis is not a sudden sharp pain, so do not expect your dog to cry out in pain. It is more of a dull chronic condition, sometimes mistakenly just put down to the natural aging process by owners.

Your dog may seek out warmer comfortable soft places during the winter months as cold, damp conditions can accentuate the adverse effects.

Anxiety to include separation anxiety.

Anxiety in dogs is often triggered by the following:

Fear: Visual stimuli such as a walking stick or something that your dog is not familiar with can stress them out. Also, new people or pets introduced into your pet’s life can cause anxiety. Also, anxiety can be very situational, whereby a bad experience at the vets or extended travel can also stress.
  • Separation: It is estimated that 14% of dogs become stressed when you, as their owner, are not there. Therefore, a change to your work routine or spending more time away from your pet, more than usual, may trigger anxiety.
  • Aging: Cognitive decline can confuse older dogs mainly. This confusion can, in turn, add stress to your dog’s daily life.
The aforementioned structural illnesses can be treated with the use of an orthopedic dog bed. In contrast, the mental condition of anxiety can be treated successfully with the use of an anti-anxiety dog bed, also known as calming dog beds.

Dog wellness company Bobby Bed has put an enormous amount of R&D into creating beds that help your dog sleep soundly. This is of great importance as we know there is a massive link between the amount of quality restorative sleep and general health and wellbeing.

Bobby’s Orthopedic dog beds

There are a variety of ways by which you can manage your dog’s structural ailment. Believe it or not, one of these ways can be to increase exercise. Be sure to include proper warmups and warm downs and increased activity can work to improve mobility and reduce stiffness. Weight management is also essential when considering the effect of the arthritic condition. Overweight dogs have more stress placed on the joints, which can magnify the adverse effects.

One of the very best ways to improve your dog’s quality of life and, indeed, mobility is to invest in a comfortable orthopedic bed.

Bobby’s orthopedic dog beds are real orthopedic beds in the sense that they use a real memory foam topper over a base of high resilience foam. They are designed for dogs by dog lovers, and this shows. A lot of thought has been put into the design of useful features for both dog and owner.

Suitable for paws large or small, available in three sizes, the orthopedic dog beds can accommodate a 20” pet length up to a 39” pet. They have a bolstered outer edge that acts as a headrest for ultimate comfort. These beds also feature removable machine washable covers and have a waterproof inner lining for the eventuality of any little accidents your pup may have.

The covers are also antibacterial, dust mite, and mold resistant. Sturdily made, these beds never sag over time and are constructed of scratch and bite proof materials. The memory foam construction works to relieve pressure points by perfectly adjusting to the contours of your dog and supporting their weight evenly across the mattress.

Bobby’s anti-anxiety dog beds

There are many ways in which you can try to treat canine anxiety, employing tactics like giving more exercise, the use of calming scents, and music therapy, to name a few.

Bobby bed also tackles the issue of canine anxiety with their latest range of calming dog beds, also known as anti-anxiety dog beds.

Designed by canine therapists, these beds work by the clever use of materials. The shag fabric covering is used to mimic the soft and soothing comfort of the mother’s fur from the time your dog was a pup. The beds act as a safe haven for your dog; they have a unique doughnut type shape with 9” raised walls. Not only do these raised walls provide comfort by way of head and neck support, but your dog will also be able to burrow and nestle into the bed, giving a great feeling of security.

Again, like the orthopedic Bobby range, the covers to these beds are removable and machine washable. They, too, share the properties of being antibacterial, dust mite, and mold resistant.

Currently, Bobby beds have a 40% sale on all beds, making them great value for money. Generally, these specialist types of beds are considered premium, but with this generous discount, they are affordable bargains. So be sure to check out Get your dog the bed they deserve. It may even turn out to be comfier than your bed.