In this epidemic of coronavirus and social distancing, everyone is stuck in their house. Technology plays an important role in keeping society functional at the time of lockdown and quarantine. It helps by reducing the spread of coronavirus while opening the business. 

Here are some uses of technology at home how it helps us during this pandemic.

Technology in home items helping us during the pandemic

Technology trends change our lives. It has its effect on every field, how we work, how we learn, and how we entertain. Technology has a long-lasting impact on society, even after the COVD -19.

Remote work

Many companies asked their employees to work from home. Remote work is only done by technology. It not only provides an interface to work but also provides some flexibility to the employees. But it has many issues.

A big problem concerning with remote work is an information security and privacy concerns. Many companies filed a recent class action against zoom.
Employees feel loneliness and lack of work-life balance. Honors decide if this remote work is more common after the pandemic, they decide to reduce lease and hire people from regions with cheaper labor costs.

Distance learning

In the mid of the April, many countries announce school and universities clouser. Then many institutes offered online learning to ensure quarantine measures. Technology made it possible, but distance learning creates economic pressure on the parents who need to stay home to take care of their children and face decreased productivity at work.

Digital payment system

Cash carries the virus, so many countries implemented various measures to ensure currency is clean before they go into circulation.  So digital currencies made it to restrict the spread of the virus. It enables people to do online shopping and pay through the Digi cash system to ensure precautionary measures.


In this critical situation of COVD-19, Telehealth is an effective way to stop this virus. It can make initial diagnoses based on the symptoms felt by the patient. It needs very high tech to operate and also requires a good internet connection. So Telehealth is very costly in some countries, so it is better to ensure that Telehealth will be covered by insurance.


Quarantine measures reduce the interaction of the people. Technology provides entertainment in a safe environment. Many movies are released, and many museums and international heritage sites offer virtual tours.

Connect people

Quarantine disturbs the lives of people and cuts the interaction between them. Technology leads millions of people to stay connected even weddings have been held in this virtual reality.

In the fight against coronavirus, technology plays a vital role in offering treatment, food, schooling, and more excellent safety for many. While on the other hand, it has its own issues regarding privacy and security.