Aspiring Traders
Voted number one trader to follow by Yahoo Finance, Samuel and Co. is a Watford-based company focused on teaching the "tricks of the trade" to beginners. The company, founded by young millionaire Samuel Leach in 2012, now employs nine professionals who teach and advise alongside its original founder, who has published a book and delivered TED talks on trading strategy.

The company's primary offerings can be divided into two categories: training and algorithms. Training programs range from free online courses teaching the basics to extensive one-on-one training opportunities to achieve expert level:
  • Free Online Programme offers a no-cost introduction to trading to help prospects gauge their level of interested
  • Weekly Trading Lessons are comprised of once-weekly, ninety-minute online sessions taught by Samuel Leach and focused on building progressive knowledge to help students improve their trading performance.
  • Online Trading Course includes over 30 hours of instruction that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and covers stock trends, Forex trends, and more.
  • Wealth Programme is a more intense program requiring a greater initial investment. Students gain access to Trademate and Cluster 2.0 tools as well as two days of one-on-one training focused on trading strategies and mindset.
  • The Complete Trader, which is a five-day, one-on-one training program with Samuel Leach covering an extensive range of topics.
  • Mindset 1 to 1 gives students access to a senior mindset coach to help gain insight into the role their mindset plays in their lives as well as their trading decisions.
Additionally, students can subscribe to Samuel Leach's newsletter, Stockwatch, for ongoing insight into the best stock opportunities on the market.

As previously mentioned, if training is one leg of offerings at Samuel and Co. Trading, algorithms are the other. When Leach first began trading, he learned the importance of predicting market changes and trading at exactly the right moment, but found that often times, the right moment for trading wasn't aligned with life - perhaps he was sleeping, working, or away from his computer.

To address his need to both monitor the stock market and economy as well as trade stocks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, he developed algorithms compatible with his primary trading platforms able to perform analysis and trades while he was away. Today, many of those algorithms compatible with TradeMade are offered to the public from Samuel and Co. Trading.

These algorithms are generally customized for the user and function by evaluating risk and volatility in the market, and performing trades to either reduce risk or improve gains. The algorithms developed by Samuel and Co. Trading are used by a number of retail traders and go by names like Beast Mode.

Adding to the services and resources available to Samuel and Co. customers is the book written by Samuel Leach and published in 2019 titled The Formula for Success: How to Win at Life Using Your Own Personal Algorithm. In this book, Samuel shares how he became a millionaire in his early twenties by "analyzing patterns, mapping behaviours, and seeing the potential" in his unique talents.

About Samuel Leach

Samuel Leach experienced financial devastation at a young age when his parents divorced and lost their jobs. It was this experience that drove him to seek out creative and innovative ways to build financial security and led him to achieve millionaire status in his twenties.

At age twenty, Leach began trading stocks as a side gig while at University and in his first year alone turned 2k into 178k. Just a few years later, he had over a million dollars in the bank and had mastered the art of trading despite the scam that many online trading courses had proven to be.

His extensive success in trading has led him to incredible success in life. Today, he speaks at conferences, keynotes, webinars, and events; has authored and published a trusted book; has delivered an acclaimed TED Talk, and has trained over 3,000 people to support their own success in trading.