traffic collisions
A truck accident is one of the most serious and fatal incidents to happen on the highways of the United States. The traffic collision is so severe and deadly that recovery is near to impossible but with professional help and advice, the lodged complaints can be catered smoothly. Fine, Farkash & Parlapiano, P.A. has a group of lawyers that deal with truck accident cases and have helped many to acquire compensation.

This writeup will highlight the main reasons that result in disastrous truck accidents harming human lives, their belongings, and property.

Here are the 5 common reasons for truck accidents

Mainly truck accidents occur when the vehicle is not properly maintained and serviced. If the owner is lacking in updating the truck it will cause equipment failures leading to unwelcoming situations. The defects in equipments include

Brake failure

Poor maintenance of the brakes causes most of the hazardous truck accidents. Imagine the weight of these monster trucks and with such mass brake failure is simply not affordable. Applying brakes requires serious effort to slow down or stop the vehicle and if the brakes are not functioning properly can result in precarious traffic collisions. It is highly recommended to keep a check on the brake before every travel to prevent accidents.

Seized engines

Mostly, heavy vehicles run on diesel since it is less refined than petrol and offers that extra torque and grunt needed to handle heavy tasks efficiently. Diesel engines demand high maintenance because diesel reacts and causes humidity, black smoke, and oxidation of the oil. These reactions can seize the engine and cause other problems down the line. Hence, to keep the engine purring regular maintenance such as changing air and oil filters, motor oil, and engine tuning is important.

Defective steering

The steering wheel is a directive equipment of all vehicles. It helps you maneuver through roads with lots of twists and turns without breaking a sweat. The steering of trucks are designed with great precision and delicacy. Any fault in the mechanism, ball joints, wheel alignment, and shock absorbers can end up causing a severe accident. If your steering does not feel quite right on your truck get it checked by a mechanic immediately.

Lights not functioning properly

Functioning headlights and other attached lights to the trucks highlight their prominence

on the roads. Broken or dim lights can easily cause an accident because the driver won’t

be able to see what’s coming ahead and other drivers won’t register the presence of the

truck with defective lights on the tracks. The problem might sound minor but needs

immediate action as it is not only against the law but also poses a huge risk to other drivers.

Tire failure

Brake and tire failure in a truck are the major ones that can not be ignored in any case. Any defect in the brakes or tires can create a great commotion on the roads. It is essential to look after the tires of the truck even if it is just one tire and get it fixed promptly. A truck can lose control because of that one faulty tire creating danger for many around. Always check your tire tread and when driving in snowy conditions make sure to have winter tires on.