You will be surprised to know that, the most necessary thing to be frequently placed right after your bedroom is your bathroom. As the bathroom is a necessity, a clean and nifty bathroom is a must. On the other hand, a bathroom is a place for the production of harmful germs and bacteria that are proven injurious for health. You should keep your bathroom germ-free ensuring a comfortable environment. Eventually, not too many fancy tools or steps you need to take care of your bathroom. Some basic care and regular effective maintenance would come handy. Besides the commercial cleaning product, some homemade cleaning materials are very useful. Baking soda, white vinegar, toothpaste, lime juice are also proven as the most efficient bathroom cleaning products. Taking care of your bathroom is not only mandatory for the health issues but also necessary to provide your bathroom with a stylish look and longevity of your bathroom fittings.


Daily Care for Shower Space

You can think of cleaning your bathroom in two ways, daily or hardcore cleaning weekly. For daily basis cleaning, you should be careful of spreading water splashes. You should let the water drain properly after bath or washing. If necessary, use a mop or broom to let pass the water. For your bathtub, hot water rinse followed by distilled white vinegar is helpful. To avoid soap scum and mildew at your shower curtains, you might think of scrubbing with a rag. You should also think of letting your bathroom’s ventilator open after every wash or bath for at least an hour. The produced heat and gas helps bacteria to buildup. You should take care of your faucet and basin also by rinsing with cold water and scrubbing with baking soda. You can also think of keeping your floor as dry as possible.  Especially, if you are having a tile floor to avoid grout. For porcelain made fittings, vinegar and cold water rinse are effective. However, if it is of marble you might rethink. Regular cleaning prevents long term stains.


Weekly Care for Shower Space

For weekly basis cleaning, you must rethink with a scrub, toothbrush, rag with vinegar and baking soda. Basically, the acidic elements inside soda stop such dirt buildup and cleans more efficiently. Scrub with an old brush in every corner and fittings with vinegar and soda solution. Prevent grout by scrubbing with toothpaste and toothbrush. Unclog the drainage pipe with warm water followed by baking soda to prevent hair and debris buildup. Fill your bathtub with warm water, then scrub with a rag and baking soda. Installing a hair catcher in the waste pipe might also help.

You can perform a monthly deep clean maintenance process.

Cleaning Shower Doors to avoid Hard Water Stains

Shiny and clean shower doors are must for a shower walk in. However, heavy usage of water and soap leaves water stains. Which gets tougher day by day and may get tough to remove also. You should make a sticky solution of distilled white vinegar and baking soda and directly apply it to your glass door. After one hour, give it a hard scrub with a rag and then rinse. Make it dry with a microfiber towel to remove access water. That will give the glass surface a glossy look. Sometimes only adding vegetable oil scrub is also helpful. It will also help to protect further water stains.

Cleaning Shower & Faucet from Soap Scum

Everyday usage of water and soap leaves satins and soap scum on the faucet and shower. Also, minerals from the water supply may block the holes of the showerhead or nozzle. Take a plastic bag and a generous amount of white vinegar. Tie it to your shower head dipped into the liquid as most of the shower heads are non-removable. Let it be there to soak overnight. The next morning, after removing the bag, simply drain water. This process will clean buildup in the holes by water mineral. For the faucets, you should think of disposable disinfect swipe floss. This has tricky patterns and can hold germs that can’t be removed by rag or cloth wipe.

Cleaning shower door frames and tiles from mildew

Water stains accommodate to grow the grout yellow and let the tiles be damaged also. You should clean the grout with an old toothbrush with toothpaste, or vinegar solution as a rough scrub. For corner frames and tiles, apply an ammonia-based cleaning agent and baking soda. Then let the shower open for hot water, which makes steam. Let the washroom sit for twenty minutes while the door is closed. After that, wipe the tiles and corner with a clean microfiber towel. Remember, you must do these cleaning in the end. Also, a steam cleaner for tile cleaning is a must to remove water stain or mildew.

Cleaning bathtub and hand wash basin adjacent to shower area

These are two vital portions of a bathroom shower area. Cleaning your bathtub is not as difficult as it looks. Fill your bathtub with warm water, and then let it drain. Apply any cleansing agent like a vinegar solution and wait for at least fifteen minutes. After the process, just scrub it with a sponge or rag. For the hand wash basin, spill some white vinegar or baking soda. Then rinse it with hot water. To be sure, add more hot water to it and if necessary keep repeating it.

Surprisingly, only by maintaining these few necessary steps will give your bathroom or shower area a nifty clean environment with an elegant look. Those steps are not as difficult as you think. If you take daily care for your bathroom and be just a little cautious, it can lessen your tough weekly job. Afterward, as you are going to have a clean and peaceful environment, it will also keep your body and mind healthy. Also, the durability and longevity of your bathroom fittings lie in your hand. So, reconsider your approach to take care of your bathroom.