Touch typing is skill that enables you to type on the computer without watching the keyboard. Your eyes will remain on the screen while typing. It is an amazing skill that makes you a typing master or professional typist.

Why I should learn touch typing?

You should learn the touch typing skill if your daily routine work is related to typing like if you are a programmer or a writer then you should definitely learn this skill. Otherwise if you don’t have any work of typing on a daily basis, you can probably choose not to learn typing skill. But when you have a work of typing then you will hate to type even a single paragraph. Check the beginners typing lessons for adults.

Benefits of touch typing skills

If you have kids then they should also learn the typing because there is a research that when your kid learns the typing his reading ability will also improve and it will help the kids in studying and also in future.

Job perspective

If you have a touch typing skill, then there is chance that you can get highly paid job in various media houses as a typist. There are many vacancies that demand a typist. There will be a plus point in your CV with this touch typing skill.


With this skill, your typing speed will become blazingly fast and you would have a typing speed more than 60 words per minute.


Slow typing wastes more time. Touch typist can do the work of hours in minutes and work of minutes in seconds.


A touch typist doesn’t needs to look on the keyboard so his eyes will be on the screen all the time. He can instantly correct the typing mistakes. Less fatigue and better health: You will not get tired early and you give even hours to your typing work. 

Otherwise a peck typist gets tired early and gets fed up from typing work. Also it prevents other health concerns like slow typing can cause repetitive stress injuries.


Your mind becomes more creative and this will increase your productivity. If the typing is your profession then you can make more money with the help of touch typing skill. By this skill your brain will remain active for many hours and you will able to do more work.

Where to learn?

The best website that can teach you touch typing in the most satisfying way is It is totally free of cost to learn touch typing skills from here. There are many different exercises that improve your touch typing skills.

It has various features like here even you can make your own exercise for the practice.
There is also a typing game so that it could be fun to learn the amazing touch typing skill.

It is the best place for beginners to learn touch typing skill because a lot of people type with only two fingers and the first exercise start with two letters to type and It will make very easy for the slow typists to improve their typing skills.

It also provides the plans for the beginners that how to learn more in a short time. This will enables the typists to improve the typing speed in just a few weeks.