The latest series of above ground pools from Intex is the Ultra XTR Frame Pools. These pools are an upgrade from the Ultra Frame series of pools, these are heavier and bigger, but about the same price. The built is better, better color scheme; beautiful blue tile print with stylish grey color on the outside. The pools in this series are some of the best pools among Intex’s line of products. The metal frame of the Ultra XTR pools makes a big difference here. The frames are resistant to rust both inside and outside.

The Ultra XTR series has pools in many different sizes from 18ft X 9ft X 52in to 32ft X 16ft X 52inches. They come in both circular and rectangular shapes. The smaller pools cost a bit more per every square foot, than the larger ones. The rectangular pools are also more expensive than the circular ones. A rectangular pool and a circular pool of similar size will have almost 26% price difference.

Why Should You Buy Intex Ultra XTR Frame Pools?

Suppose you need a swimming pool that can hold your entire family, maybe some friends as well; think 5-6 persons, and you need it now, on the double. Surely you can’t dig a new pool straight away, and that’s where Intex Ultra XTR Frame pool is your best solution.


There are several advantages to the Intex Ultra XTR pools. It has advanced levels of interior and exterior coating, rust-resistant galvanized steel frame. The outside of the steel frame is powder-coated, the inside is galvanized. The frame is 53% stronger than your standard Intex metal frames. 

It has a semi-oval shape to give the frame more strength than the usual round shaped frames. It also has a tougher liner, with extra thick PVC layers and high strength polyester mesh, giving it 50% more durability than other Intex Product. Every pool in this series has great durability.

Rectangular & Circular Pool

Rectangular pools are the most popular ones in the market now, but for above ground pools, people still prefer round ones, and for good reasons. Because of the constant water pressure, circular pools can hold it together more evenly than rectangular shaped pools, where water pressure is exerted more on the longer side of the pool. But rectangular pools are better swimming laps and naturally better for water circulation; that’s why Intex Ultra XTR implemented some measures to counter the rectangular pool pressure situation.

But a circular, round pool will always hold more water than a similar-sized long pool, both having the same height. If allowing more people in the pool is your goal, go for the round pools. If you want to swim, use the pool for therapeutic reasons, then you should go for the rectangular pool. The rectangular pool also blends better with the urban setting and looks more sophisticated.

Extra Features

There are some great extra features in the Intex Ultra XTR frame pools. The hydro aeration technology improves both circulation and filtration, improves water clarity, increases negative ions in the water surface. There’s a T-joint for easy to use push-button connections. 

All the pools come with a filter pump, ladder, and two covers for ground and debris. The ladder has Hi-impact slip-resistant steps. Easy lock system, innovative frame design, and many more features make the pools in the series more convenient, safe, and fun to use.

Service & Warranty

Intex is a brand that has built its reputation for building high-quality pool products for more than 40 years. You can be assured of the quality of their service. Each of the pool in the series, are built with maximum amount of care, quality, and safety in mind. You’ll also have the 2-year manufacturer’s warranty as a backup.


The latest Intex Ultra XTR Frame pools are some of the best above ground pools in the market right now, with great safety measures, durability, and quality that will increase your fun tenfold. If you need one now, and you want it to last long, then these are the best you’ll get.