cleaner for grout

Cleaning grout is tedious and challenging work. But you can make this work more comfortable if you use a steam cleaner for grout of your bathroom. This power tool makes the water heater and then produces steam and pressure to clean surface areas. Besides, it helps you to avoid using toxic elements such as detergents and bathroom cleaners. So, proper use of steam cleaner is the alternative way to clean grout effectively. For this, you have to choose the right steam cleaner for your bathroom grout and remove stubborn dirt easily.

Why you use a steam cleaner for grout

There are some advantages of steam cleaning for the floor or bathroom grout. For those reasons, people like to use a steam cleaner for grout. When you use a steam cleaner to clean grout, it kills up to 99% bacteria. But for this work, you need not use any harmful chemical such as bleaching agent like ammonia. Just water is enough to remove the germs.

Besides, a steam cleaner is a pet and child friendly because it uses only freshwater. So, steam cleaning keeps the environment of your home friendly to your pet and little guys. As steam cleaner removes most of the germs and allergen particles, it keeps us away from allergies. Moreover, it is cheaper than some other ways of cleaning. After the initial purchase, it saves your money by preventing you from using detergent and other products. So, we see that steam cleaner is one of the best ways to clean many things of your home such as carpet, floor, bathroom, clothes and many more.

Why grout gets dirty quickly

Tile grout is the portion that fills the gap between two tiles and stabilizes the slabs. Though the tile surface is smooth and easy to clean, tile grout is not so smooth and hard to clean. Grout gets dirty quickly because it is lower than the tile surface and attracts the debris, sand, easily. However, the bathroom grout gets dirtier because soap scum, mold, mineral scale quickly stuck on the grout. That dirt and gunk stuck tightly into the pores. For this reason, it is hard to remove the dirt by the usual method. In this case, steam cleaning is the best and effective solution.
Steps to using a steam cleaner for grout

Before steam cleaning the tile grout of bathroom, you need several things such as
  • Steam cleaner
  • Broom
  • Bucket
  • Sponges if needed
  • Then follow the following steps.

Choose the right steam cleaner.

For a particular application, all types of steam cleaners are not effective. Some models are suitable for some specific works. For your small task, you can take a portable hand-held cleaner. But for more extensive work, you cannot make one that has a low tank capacity. If you only use a steam rental steam cleaner from a store to do deep cleaning, it will be harder for you to choose a cleaner for bathroom grout. So, for commercial use, you will find a lot of options and models. But if you are looking for one that is good for only tile and grout cleaning, you do not need to pay a lot. At first, make a budget and then find out some models under this budget. Ask the shopkeeper that which one is good for cleaning floor and grout. Then check the attachments of the steam cleaner because you need one that has scrub brush attachments. Besides, try to take a heavy-duty steam cleaner that can boil the water within a few minutes. For cleaning the bathroom wall, canister or multi-purpose one is the best choice.

Clean the tile first

Before steam cleaning the grout, it is necessary to clean the tiles. You do not skip this pre-steam cleaning. Though your steam cleaner can effectively clean the tiles and grout, you need to clean the surface before. If the ground has much dirt, excess gunk can damage your steam cleaner by clogging the cleaner brush. However, to remove the excess dirt, use a mop or broom. Then wipe the area carefully to remove the loosened particles.

Set up the steam cleaner

Now you have to prepare your steam cleaner to use it on the tiles and grout. At first, fill the water tank with clean water. Then turn the heating unit to heat it. You should follow the instruction of the manufacturer. However, it takes only a few minutes to make the steam from water. Now attach the hose. Attach the right brush according to the type and size of the grout and tile. Generally, it is better to attach a nylon-bristle brush.

Use a steam cleaner on tile and grout.

A steam cleaner produces enough pressure and heat to clean the surface area. If you do not use it correctly on the tile and grout, it can easily damage the tile surface. So, you should follow the appropriate method of cleaning.

Now turn on the machine and then gently scrub the brush on the tiles and grout lines. You should avoid running the steamer above the power cord. Check the water tank after a few minutes and refill it regularly if it needed. After removing the dirt and mould effectively, you can then remove the brush attachment. Besides, avoid much pressure.

Rinse and Repeat the process if needed

Now you can rinse or sponge the cleaned part. Remove the dirty water properly. If you find any more dirt, you can repeat the steaming process to complete the job. Then clean the entire area carefully. You can use a microfiber cloth to finish the cleaning process.

Reseal the Grout

After proper steam cleaning the tile and grout, it is better option to reseal the grout. Otherwise, the grout lines can again be dirty quickly. Though you have sealed it before, you can repeat the sealing process. It does not do any harm to the grout.

We see that using steam cleaner we can easily clean tile grout without using any chemical. It is eco-friendly and also more relaxed than other cleaning processes. So, you can use a steam cleaner for grout to save your time and energy.