Parents can play a variety of spelling games with their kids. By doing such, it can improve their vocabulary. They can also use a word unscrambler online for more ideas. Listed below are what parents can do to inspire their kids in playing spelling games:

· Scrambling the letters of a specific word: The parents can scramble the letters of the word and let his child unscramble it to have a sentence that makes sense. He or she may want to use a word unscrambler online for ideas.

· Draw pictures: Parents can ask their children to draw pictures of the word and let them write a story about it.

· Buy computer games: Parents may invest in computer games that help their children to spell words. They can invest in Scrabble games, for instance, where children develop their spelling skills.

· Baking cookies: Parents may want to bake cookies that form letters of the words their kids want to spell. They can give their kids a word to spell and ask them to spell it with the cookie.

· Watch TV together: The parent may hear words to spell while watching TV and ask his or her child to spell it. This hobby is an important task to develop the child’s listening skills as he or she gets to hear it often on television.

· Read a book: The parent may use a book to find the words that his or her child can spell. The child then will hunt the word using the book and spell it aloud.

· Play with other friends: Parents may allow their kids to invite friends from school. This can be more fun and exciting as the best way to play is using spelling games. It will also motivate them to compete with their friends. Just ensure you have enough words to spell for everyone.

Just provide a free word unscrambler online software for your kids. Once these spelling games are played and enjoyed by the kids, you need to reward them for doing a great job. You may want to inspire them by giving a kiss or hug. You can also treat them with a delicious meal. What’s important is making the kids feel that what they’ve done is acknowledged by their parents. This system will inspire the kids to do better, especially when it’s time to face the real teacher for his or her spelling exam.