Bed Bugs
Since they are tiny, egg-shaped brown insects, bed bugs live by feeding on human and animal blood. They like feeding the human blood at night, and when they feed, they turn reddish. There are several ways you can get rid of bed bugs for once and for all. If the bed bug infestation is massive, consider hiring A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Memphis to help you eliminate bed bugs quickly.

But there are many ways you can get rid of them, but you must know where they hide for easy retrieval and elimination. Since they are so tiny, they can hide anywhere without you seeing them. Bed bugs move in areas and surfaces where you interact with the most. It can be in the bedroom, sitting room, or guest room. They are not limited to these places because they can hide in your clothes, bags, and even wallets. If you see or get bitten by a bed bug, it's good you take precautions because, with time, they may move from one room to another, spreading to even your next-door neighbor.

You may clean your house thoroughly, but still, bed bags may find someplace to hide. Therefore, it's right to follow these steps:

Declutter your house

First things first, in case you notice there might be bed bugs in your home, declutter your house immediately. Remove all the necessary items you are not using and put them in one place. Some might be transferred, so ensure you use Nuvan pro strips and allow them to penetrate and kill the bed bugs.

Disassemble bed frames

During your clean procedures, ensure you dismantle the bed frames because of bed bugs like dark places and your bed in one of them. If your mattress has no torn parts, you can take it outside in the sun, where you can easily see the bed bugs and eliminate them. If it's torn, remove your mattress out for spraying. Check your box spring, and if it has bed bugs too, you may consider using encasements to prevent them from escaping.

Clean your entire house

As much as they say that clean surfaces can have bed bugs, it is also good to know that continuously clean surfaces will reduce the movement and numbers of bed bugs. Bed bugs are clingy, so ensure while cleaning you will vacuum areas around the edges of the bed, the carpet, bed seams, footboards, baseboards, furniture, bed stands, rails, and headboards. While cleaning your house, stick to scouring the end of the vacuum adjunct over the infested area to remove the bed bugs. Avoid using bristle attachment because bed bugs will cling and get transferred to another surface.

Check and clean all furniture in the house

From bedroom drawers to siting to kitchen cabinets, ensure you clean them all. Looking for all possible hiding places and scrub the dirt off.

Check your clothes beddings and bags

Bed bugs are so small they can hide anywhere, check your bags, linens, and clothes. Clean them if you notice the bed bugs have hosted on them.

Reduce harboring Areas

Seal all the holes and penetration points in your house. Fill any cracks on the floor, wall, and around baseboards.

The first areas you should inspect in case of any bed bug infestation are;
  • Seams of the mattress and the entire box spring
  • All the furniture cabinets
  • in cracks in the bed frame, headboard, and footboards
  • in baseboards
  • within couch cushions
  • in furniture joints
  • on walls and beneath carpets
  • inside electrical outlets and appliances
  • beneath loose wallpaper
  • under portraits and art on the walls
  • in the area where the wallpaper and roof meet
During the inspection, use a spotlight and magnifying glass to identify bed bugs. Once you spot a bed bug, please place it in a sealed jar with one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum, as explained earlier. In some cases where you cannot wash the clothes immediately, please put them in plastic bags, place them in the Nuvan Pro strips or close the bag tightly so that they suffocate and die.

Prepare your area and treat bed bugs

Move your bed from the wall to prevent bed bugs from climbing, ensure all the material has been checked, and know their hiding places. Once the preparation is ready, cover your mattress and box spring with bedbug-proof covers to prevent bed bugs from getting in and out. In case the home DIY doesn't work, it's good you seek Professional assistance or try an insecticide.