White Line

What Is The White Line?

The white line is a disease also known as a seedy-toe. It is a kind of fungal infection of the horse's hoof. It is a disease that attacks the white line that connects the sole of the hoof wall. The organism that causes this disease is not known, but it is commonly known to be caused by the bacteria present in the soil. These organisms get into the weakened spot in the hoof wall, say a quarter crack and set up a fungal infection leading to the disease. E3 Live for Horses has white line supplements to rebuild hoof material through high nutrition blue green algae.

This blue-green algae is the finest organism on earth that uses photosynthesis to make food for itself. It is a complete nutrition in its original form and serves as a building block of health. This Supplement is an amazing superfood that prevents, fights and heals all disease, especially hoof disease. The white line supplement is 100% Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA) or the blue green algae, a certified organic nutrient and is considered to be nature's best superfood by renowned health authorities. This is the only company (E3 live) to offer AFA in its most fresh frozen form.

How Is E3 Line Supplement Beneficial For White Line Treatment?

The White Line disease is mostly caused due to deficiency of calcium and vitamins. The blue green algae is a Wholesome food which is rich in chlorophyll vitamin B12 beta-carotene, amino acid vitamins and minerals. This product plays an important role in healing practices. Most horse owners are aware of the fact that the horses do much better on natural pasture than hay. The drying process causes hay to lose its vitamin content. Feeding blue-green algae is just like having your horse on the natural pastures.

This algae is nutrient dense and critically enzymes.

The most important benefit from this product, I have come across is improvement of hoof quality. I believe that good hooves come from within, but not by feeding hoof supplements. I observed that by taking this supplement for Some weeks, my fingernails grow tougher so is the case with the hooves. They grow faster and tougher, when the horses are fed on blue-green algae.

This product should be started in small amounts and once your horse has developed the taste of algae, you can increase the quantity as per his needs.

To get maximum benefits this supplement should be fed twice a day regularly. This product is very economical and also easily absorbed. It does not take much, if your horses have white line disease to recover faster using this supplement.

Some More Benefits Of E3 Live:-

These supplements increase energy, mental focus, vitality, balance moods and lifts and also helps in reducing body stress without causing ups and downs of surgery and decaffeination. This chlorophyll rich food increases stamina and helps in detoxification.


The blue green algae is a product supplied by E3 live which is harvested from a pristine Klamath lake, Oregon US. It is available in its fresh frozen form. This excellent product of E3 live helps the horses to grow tight hoof capsules and prevent recurrence. It enhances the energy and immune system by feeding the horses in proper amounts and on a regular basis. Therefore, when it comes to treating white line diseases, make sure that you choose E3 white line supplements to cure your horse’s damaged and diseased hooves.