Powder Coating Services
Powder coating is a process of applying a very durable and protective cosmetic finish to metal parts. The Powder coat process does not have emissions or harmful volatile organic compounds in the wet paint process. It is an environmentally friendly process which results in better air for us to breathe. The last few years have shown a remarkable increase in the popularity of this process, and it has now become the preferred method for finishing metal parts. Powder Coating Plus offers Los Angeles powder coating services for parts or other forms of metal such as wheels, rims, and motorcycles. Various metal items can have a durable powder-coated finish, such as bicycle frames, rims or wheels, motorcycles, trailers, patio furniture and industrial cabinets.

Powder Coating Services For Los Angeles

The powder coating process gives a highly protective and durable cosmetic finish to metal objects such as parts, frames, wheels or patio furniture. It is eco-friendly, has shown a massive increase in its use, and has become the preferred method for finishing metal parts. Powder coating plus is a leading company in the Los Angeles area with state-of-the-art powder coating equipment.

Sand Blasting And Media Blasting

Metal must be clean, paint and rust-free, and have no residue traces-this is the critical factor in good powder coating adhesion to your part or other metal work. If it is prepared correctly, the bond will succeed. One of the methods used to properly prepare a surface is to sandblast parts with rust or other contaminants that may impact the bond of the powder coating to the surface. Powder coating and oversize booths 10'by 25 ' by 10' high can hold sandblasting or media-blasting objects up to 25 feet long or almost 10 feet wide. 

Commercial Powder Coating

The industrial powder coating production line capability includes a four-stage parts washer, powder spray stations and a curing oven. Parts go through the process on an automated variable-speed 700-foot conveyor. There are Batch ovens available for exceptional cases. A powder coat finish is so durable that the automatic industry recognises the process's benefits as formulations that resist Chemicals and UV rays are available.

Skill Screening

Silk screening on metal can add value and usability to your product. An adequately printed and designed Silk screened Legend on a metal part adds a professional touch to the development and credibility of the design. Functionality can be given to the product with Legend, settings, instructions, or other information that is silk-screened directly onto the metal part. 

Powder Coating Plus

Powder coating plus company is based in a 45000 square feet facility in the Santa Clarita Valley near Los Angeles. Their high-tech conveyor production line consists of four stage parts washers, 6 powder spray stations, a dry-off and a curing oven. Four of the six PlayStations can reclaim powder which can save some cost on the amount of powder required to process the parts; the solution is monitored by computer systems, and chemicals are dispensed with precision.


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