Restaurant Rating
People love to skip the daily homemade meals and want to venture to a good restaurant from time to time. Everyone has their own taste in cuisines, and they love to switch too. However, most people are not only satisfied with the cuisine served at various restaurants, but they like to know the ratings of those places.

If good ratings are found on some eatery people will surely choose that place for their next dinner date or to spend time with friends. There are different ways you can check the popularity of a restaurant. Here, check the guide.

Michelin stars

This is a hallmark of fine dining quality in a restaurant. If you find these on any eatery you would know that place is of high-standard. Trained restaurant critics give an unbiased review of the places, and this is mostly on French cuisine.

Forbes travel guide

This is another Restaurant Rating Guide, where you can check the anonymous reviews on thousands of restaurants. These are detailed than the Michelin stars, although the checklist may exclude an eatery from higher star rating, on the things food lovers do not care about, such as parking availability.

AAA diamonds

This stands for the American Automobile Association, and here you will get over 30000 North American restaurant reviews. The reviews are by anonymous inspectors, and it gives feedback on varieties of restaurants. You will get reviews on fast food places to high-end eateries.


This is the compilation of the reviews of real people, and they use their tallying agency for it. The scores are set from 0 to 30 points, and personal reviews are allowed. You will find easy feedback. However, the individual review section is now closed, so you can try out other rating guides.

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