While you want to keep your garden’s soil active, there is hardly a better option against using mulch. A layer of mulch is enough to maintain the soil moisture and keep it productive.
The benefits of mulch are countless for a garden. There is a common problem with the garden's soil that they lose moisture after some time. Applying the mulch timely reduces the water loss from the garden’s soil. Besides, it holds the moderate temperature of the soil.
Consequently, the soil can retain its productivity even after many years. Different mulch delivery companies produce several types of mulch. The types include forest blend, hemlock blend, hemlock mulch, playscape mulch, cedar mulch, and so on.
So, how much does a yard of mulch cover? It actually depends on the length, width of your garden, including how deep layers you want.  

What is the mulch, and how does it work?

Mulch is commonly made from the organic materials tree bark, compost, leaves, grass clippings, and so on. Some other materials like rubber, newspaper, manure is also popular for making mulch.
The main purpose of using mulch is increasing soil fertility by retaining moisture and controlling the weed. Besides, it also works for improving the soil texture and protecting it from the changing temperature. Applying the mulches in the garden, the homeowner decorates their plant bed.

How much does a yard of mulch cover?

With a 2” to 3” deep organic mulch, you can perfectly retain the soil's moisture and control the weeds. Make sure the thickness of the mulch doesn’t exceed 4-inch. That's because plant roots need oxygen to grow and survive. Applying excessive mulch creates pressure on the roots and hinders the air from going inside the soil.
Not only that, but a thick layer of mulch also blocks the path of water. Hence the soil around the plant’s root remains dry. 
Anyway, the depth and layer of mulch depend on what types of mulch you are going to use. If you are using a finely textured mulch, then 3” deep mulch is enough for your ground. Conversely, you need to go up to 4”, when you are using coarse-textured mulch.
To know how much a yard of mulch cover, at first you need to figure out the bed's measurements. You simply do it by multiplying the width with the length, when you have a rectangular or square bed. But if you have a round bed, multiply the radius by itself and 3.14. You will get your field measurements in square foot.
It is time to calculate the amount of mulch you need to cover your ground. But before calculating, let us remind you that all types of mulch sold in a cubic yard.
You perhaps don’t know a one cubic yard of mulch material covers 324 square beds. After determining your bed measurements, you need to multiply the amount with the desired depth inches. Now divide the amount with the 324, and here's the total sum you need to cover your ground.
However, this is the formula, total square foot (Your bed) *desired depth/ 324 = Total cubic yards.

The sum up!

Mulching a bed is not that difficult to complete without hiring professionals. The difficulties you may find in calculating the total yard of mulch you need to cover your own ground. That's because not everyone has the same types and sizes of beds.
Indeed, it is a crucial task to calculate how much a yard of mulch covers your bed. Without calculating if you start mulching, it will waste your time, money, and energy.
Hopefully, you have got a complete guidance to determine the mulch amount needed for your bed. Don’t worry, whether you have a circle, rectangular or, square ground.

Ready to mulch? Just go on.