Medical oxygen users have been praised for 35 years, and you might think you could only use a domestic oxygen generator. In addition to storage tanks and large concentrators, there are other medical oxygen options. Portable oxygen concentrators allow oxygen users to freely supply the oxygen they need. 

These portable oxygen generators are light, compact and reasonably priced, and are licensed by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for air travel. Please fill out the form on this page. Repair will help you purchase an oxygen generator to meet your travel needs.

oxygen machine for air travel

Planning to travel by air can be a problem when you rely on medical oxygen all day. It is also important to ensure that your medical oxygen is approved for air travel, meets your oxygen needs, is easy to transport and affordable.

Healthcare portable Oxygen Specialists will help you identify an affordable portable oxygen solution that has been approved by the FAA for air travel to make portable concentrators easy to carry. Fill out this form and ask an oxygen specialist to find the best portable oxygen concentrator for your next trip.

Portable oxygen machine, easy to carry

Are you tired of heavy oxygen tanks and cars? Can a traditional oxygen machine take you home? Healthcare's new portable oxygen generator weighs just under 5 pounds and starts at $2,800! Simply fill out the form on this page and ask Healthcare's portable oxygen specialist to help you find a compact concentrator that meets your oxygen needs.

Cheap portable oxygen generator

Complete medical care with breathing stop, respirator, Optilife and equivalent functions. These portable oxygen generators are convenient and FAA approved for low-cost air travel - just $2,800! Let our oxygen specialist help you determine which portable oxygen concentrator is best for you. Please fill in the form on this page; Your medical oxygen specialist will contact you as soon as possible!

We are grateful to the many oxygen users for their service and continued support. We've been selling portable oxygen generators since they were invented. In the process, we learned a lot. We hope to share this knowledge with you and find the POC that suits you and your needs!

First, it's important to have a good understanding of your doctor's oxygen requirements. Work with doctors and their staff to learn as much as possible about lung diseases. Also, keep in touch with your doctor regularly to control your overall health, including lung disease.

You'll want your doctor to tell you that you should try to maintain oxygen levels in your blood. This is oxygen saturation. Pulse oximeter is the best tool to monitor oxygen content. In our major clinic offerings, we will provide this essential tool for free when you buy our POCS, and no one should ever use a POC!

After completing the above steps, follow these steps:

·         First, according to the doctor's explanation, find the POC suitable for lung disease
·         Check the amount of oxygen produced by the machine and the Settings available to the equipment
·         Check the battery life and available battery size to quickly give you the time you need
·         View size/weight and how to carry or scroll
·         Check the POC manufacturer's past in the POC field

Buy from a company that CARES about the machines you buy, for your equipment! If the first machine you purchase does not meet your requirements, we will replace it free of charge within the first month provided by the main clinic.

Portable oxygen concentrator is a kind of portable equipment which provides oxygen therapy for people

A higher concentration of oxygen is required than in the surrounding air. It's similar to a home oxygen machine, but smaller and more flexible. Portable oxygen concentrators are easy for patients to travel freely; they are small enough to fit in cars, and many are now certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for use on airplanes.

The working principle of portable oxygen generator is the same as that of domestic oxygen generator. The oxygen content in the atmosphere is about 21%; the rest is a mixture of nitrogen and other gases. Internal air compressor forces air through chemical filtration system, molecular sieve. 

The filter consists of silicate particles called zeolites, which attract nitrogen molecules to its surface more strongly than oxygen molecules (adsorbed by molecular bonds) - oxygen molecules can filter nitrogen from the air and enrich oxygen. Part of the oxygen produced is delivered to the patient. Part of it is sent back to the screen (at a greatly reduced pressure) to flush away accumulated nitrogen and prepare for the next cycle. 

Through this process, the system can continuously produce up to 90% medical grade oxygen. The latest models can be powered by a power supply, 12V DC (/ aircraft) and battery pack, so that patients do not have to use gas cylinders or other solutions with limited time, weight and size.

At present, most portable oxygen concentration systems deliver oxygen by pulse (on-demand). The system provides high concentration of oxygen and is used in combination with nasal intubation to deliver oxygen to patients.