Cleaning clothes and garments is a tricky process with multiple options and strategies to account for. However, individuals usually depend either on laundering or dry cleaning, for completing the process. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the differences between the two, before initiating the processes:

The Solvent

Laundering is a straightforward garment cleaning process with water being the go-to solvent. However, in case of dry cleaning, companies use moisture-less, chemical solvents as a base for the cleansing agent. This way, the process relies heavily on the evaporation of the chemical solvent, right before subsequent steps are followed

The Cleansing Agent

Laundering is a process where companies mainly use the conventional soaps and detergents to start the process. However, the service providers only use select detergents depending on the nature of the clothes. In case of dry cleaning, every laundry service in Dubai or even across the globe makes use of a cleaning compound known as the Perchloroethylene. This compound is quite effective when it comes to removing stains and grease from the surface of the clothes. Moreover, the process is quite time and effort intensive.

The Rinsing Process

Laundering uses a process called the agitation where the machine brings forth an effective mix of water and cloth-specific detergent. Here is the process that reduces the soap build-up in clothes and makes them fit for drying. In case of dry cleaning services in Dubai or anywhere in the world, the professional rinsing approach is tumbling that recycles the solvents and even removes the chemical cleansing compounds.

The Drying Process

When it comes to drying the clothes, there are specialized machines in play. Most importantly, the basic principles of cloth drying don’t apply to dry cleaning. In case of laundering, the first step towards drying is to remove the water that is in excess. Once the laundry service takes care of the excess water, the clothes can be dried, either in the machine, using driers, or hanging them out in the open.

The Folding Process

Laundry services supporting dry cleaning follow certain pathways to straitening the clothes. These include steaming the same or even following set ironing procedures. However, for clothes cleaned using laundering, regular pressing or steaming can be followed.

Time in Play

Dry cleaning is a complicated process and even the best laundry services companies offer set and extended deadlines to the customers. Laundering, is an easier process and more like regular washing which doesn’t require a lot of time.

Price Points

As expected, dry cleaning is a costlier process as compared to laundering. As high-end chemical solvents and cleansing agents are used, the process levies a hefty fee. The latter or laundering is pretty cost-effective as the process doesn’t require as much time, skills, and innovation, unlike dry cleaning.


Now that we know the differences between the two popular garment cleaning processes, it is time to consider the options, type of clothes to be cleaned, and the laundry service to be connected with.