Depression is a mental health condition faced by many today, especially in young people. The problem is that there is not much awareness regarding depression in young people; people self-diagnose and then self-medicate themselves. 

Depression is a mood disorder that involves a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Major life events, such as bereavement or the loss of a job, can lead to depression. However, doctors only consider feelings of grief to be part of depression if they persist. One can keep track of his/her emotions with a mood share app. The mood tracking apps are a creative way for those who want to think about how they feel and what actions they can take to improve their mental wellness.

Through this article I want to spread awareness regarding the matter so I have collected ten reasons why one can fall into depression, I hope that when you're done reading, you will be able to argue on the matter with an open mind.

They have suffered Abuse:

suffered Abuse
One of the biggest reasons for depression is abuse. There are many different kinds of abuse that many different individuals go through. Abuse such as physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal, if faced by any individual in their life in the past, can lead to clinical depression in the future.

Different ranges of abuse can lead to varying intensities of depression; depression in one person can be different from one person to another person; therefore, the symptoms can be various for every other individual suffering from it.

Death or loss of a loved one:

A young person has many different things on their mind from a young age, they may be studying or have just started their job, they may have joined their dream company, or they would have only met their life partner. At that stressful time, if a loved one passes away, then everything becomes more difficult, resulting in the person getting clinical depression.

Young people are more sensitive to things and feel more than older people, which makes them more prone to depression. 

They have gone through a significant event in their life:

Both positive and negative events can cause a person to fall into depression. Even when a person has found a job, or they have been promoted, they have opened their own business; they have got into a relationship or have recently been married.

Similarly, events like being fired from a job, loss of a loved one, a recent accident, harassment, breakup, and so much more can cause a person to fall into depression. 

A major illness:

Many different major illnesses can be a reason for individuals to fall into depression. Diseases like cancer and aids can leave a person feeling depressed and anxious.

Even if it is a minor disease, and you have to be on bed rest, many individuals’ especially young ones feel left out because they are dependent on the third party for even the minimal tasks such as going to the bathroom or changing clothes as this alone can cause a person to fall into depression.

Genetics in certain people:

For many individuals, depression has been in their family for a long time, which means shaving a family history of depression may increase their risk. For example, if the father has depression, then probably the children will too.

It has been seen that depression is a complex trait, which means that different genes have different small genes that have different responsibilities rather than having just one trait which is responsible for the disease. The genetics of depression is not as simple as other diseases, making depression a complex disease. 

Conflict in lives:

Many individuals at a young age go through different conflicts related to themselves or their families. Conflict is of various types, and it is never pleasant. It can harm the physical and mental health of individuals.

Having a conflict with friends, family, or relatives can impact a person's mood and, in the long run, lead them towards clinical depression where they can blame themselves for whatever that is happening in their life. 

The problem in studying:

The 21st century is all about competition and modernization, where technology is booming. Research is being done on every other thing, and many different solutions have been found to fatal diseases that have helped people become better. On the other hand, education is now much more complicated, and it can be a problem for many individuals to follow.

Not being able to excel in studies and do great like other people in the same field is a massive reason for young people to fall into depression. The system of education today is based on the survival of the fittest, which makes it even harder for people to catch up on what is being taught primarily if they are weak in a particular subject.



Bullying is one of the biggest causes of people suffering from clinical depression. In schools, children are bullied by other kids, which leaves them traumatized; children don't know where to stop and what impact their actions will have on the other person.

What is done to a person in their childhood, whether it be in school or at home, can impact later in their life? It can then lead people to talk to a therapist.

Unlimited screen time:

Unlimited screen

Exercising and going out can have a positive impact on a person's mental and physical health, and on the opposite side, spending too much time on the screen can make you exhausted and frustrated. Young people tend to spend a lot of time on the internet for gaming and educational purposes.

Furthermore, spending a lot of time on social media can increase anxiety with all the negativity that has been going around in the world; all of these are enough to put a person in depression. 

Stress and anxiety:

At a young age, many individuals have the stress of many different things. They have a carrier ahead of themselves; they have to find a partner; they have to grow and build themselves up.

Settling down can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, and if the person is not doing so well, then that can cause their stress to increase. For example, person A has been working on a job for two years and has not been promoted; they can feel like they are not moving forward in their life, which can leave them feeling depressed.

To sum it all up, is a medium providing great deals on products that can help you with your depression, but make sure to consult your doctor before taking anything. Moreover, if anyone around you is suffering through depression, then you must try to help them by being there for them and recommend them a good doctor so that they can return to a healthy life.