If you want to entertain yourself, then the best place to be would be your home. You can get online virtually and start playing e-sports with your favorite friends and colleagues.

E-sports indeed get reinvented from Genius. Titus Walker has been the inspiring leader of this movement, gathering thousands of e-sports fans to the new era. You don't even have to leave your couch to feel the passion and tension from the playing terrain.

Now you are the controller of your own entertainment and become a fan of the most successful group: Genius. The Ultimate End Gamers League is the most thriving part of this success story. It was born in the ashes of the older E-sports system, where registration was always mandatory by big game manufacturing companies.

The Ultimate End Gamers League can give you all the information you need to be a winner. Plus, you should feel you belong to a team of experts who play a crucial role in online gaming.

What is the intrinsic value of the Ultimate End Gamers League?
Actually, it is the progress of online gaming gathered to one simple association. People from all around the world, tried to control themselves when playing online and met to put some rules for worldwide gaming.

You need to know that the tournaments take place in Fredericksburg VA, a convenient destination for gamers in the United States to meet and compete.

The tournaments start from July the 18th and last till January the 23rd. It's a marathon of online games where you can compete with others and have equal chances to win the prize. Every Saturday, 5-game tournaments are valid in the Ultimate End Gamers League, challenging thousands of members worldwide to win the award.

As you can see here at https://ultimateendgamersleague.com/ there is plenty of information to have about the teams and the points. Each gamer that wins a session can have up to 1,500 points for his team. Every gamer that exceeds the 3,000 points can automatically proceed to the Golden League and compete only with his peers.

What is the cash prize for Ultimate End Gamers League?

Players can go through the exhaustive selection procedure and finally make it to the final. They have to pass through the preliminary draft, the quarter-finals, and semi-finals, respectively.

The two teams of gamers who make it to the final are having two separate coaches and competing for the cash prize. The annual cash prize comes up to $10,000, which is the highest amount ever given to online gamers.

Even though the winners have to split winnings among the team and their coach, it is still a fair amount of money for the minimal investment needed.

How did Titus Walker created the top League?

Many obstacles can take you back when you are leading a league. Titus Walker has been the famous winner of the previous Ultimate Eng Gamers League and points out the reasons for his success.

First of all, he stayed 100% dedicated to online gaming. It is hard to win if you need to distract your attention to other chores and business. Then he had to adjust things in his daily life to reach the desired time of online gaming and practice.

It is something that usually people neglect and can cost them the final success to win the cash prize. Since Titus Walker has his own family, it would be weird to say that he managed to find a balance between his passion for online gaming and spending time with his children and wife.

In multiple interviews, Titus Walker points out the support he got from his family to concentrate 100% on creating a tournament that differs from any other. That is the most crucial quote from Titus Walker, the ultimate gaming competitions regulator who has been successful in creating a profitable company from zero.


People who want to feel secure with their gaming experience should try to register in the Ultimate End Gamers League. Following the paradigm from Titus Walker they can find the golden balance between their family life and gaming.

However, they have to realize that online gaming is a team sport. That means you have to cooperate with your coach and have direct communication with the other members of your team. Only then will you be successful enough to gather points and escalate on the ranking.

Online gaming has been a fascinating hobby of our childhood that can easily become the money provider for your family. The League tournaments can make you feel proud of your skills, get you to know other people, and make your family more prosperous than ever before.