commercial air source heat pump

Commercial air source heat pump is beyond doubt one of the energy saving technical innovations of modern times. When considering commercial establishments, one needs to keep in mind the huge space that the units need to heat or cool, as per the external climatic conditions. The air source heat pumps have proved to be hero products on two fronts:

Cost-effectiveness because they are energy efficient.

For 1 KWh electricity the heat pump delivers four times the energy which means that the system is 300 to 400 percent more efficient than heating and cooling units that use electricity alone for heating and cooling the place. The energy efficiency of the system has a huge bearing on the fuel costs. Conventional heat pumps that run using electricity or fuel or gas use substantial amount of energy to create a similar effect that the air source heat pump will do it with minimal energy. This directly translates into a big saving for the business entity.

These are eco-friendly and sustainable

The use of air source heat pumps has a good bearing on the environment too. The conventional gas water heaters are responsible for carbon dioxide emission, thereby contributing in a significant manner to air pollution. But, this is not the case with the commercial air source heat pumps. The emission of harmful gases is greatly reduced when this system is used, be it in a commercial establishment like a mall, school, factory or shops or these are used in residential homes and complexes.

This dual benefit is extremely beneficial for commercial business entities and house owners. It is also important to add here that the household heat pumps can run easily for years – actually decades without any issue, if maintained and serviced properly. Also air heat pumps help clean the air in the surrounding clean and green while reducing noise pollution and also the running cost of the unit.

How does a commercial air source heat pump work?

The concept of the functionality of heat pumps is based on the fact that the heat from one area is moved or transferred to another area. In the case of air source heat pumps the electricity used to transfer the latent heat from the outdoors to the indoors is done via two units. The outdoor unit has the refrigerant that absorbs the heat from the outside and after being compressed under high temperatures is passed onto the internal unit. The indoor unit has the air recyclers that circulates the ambient heat in the indoors.

Ensure that the commercial air source heat pump is bought from the best manufacturer

Since this is a energy efficient equipment, you need to make sure that you buy only from trusted and reliable manufacturers for optimal performance. Only equipment made from the authentic manufacturers who are renowned for making international and top-class quality products should be trusted when buying such high-end and heavy-duty equipment.

Extensive and diligent research is highly advisable before closing a deal.