Every decor element in a restaurant plays its part in captivating the customers and attracting more traffic. An appealing restaurant decor theme portrays the owners’ love for quality and makes a positive impression on the customers’ minds. Glass coffee tables are the essence of modern-day restaurants, and there are hundreds of reasons why you need to opt for these chic and trendy Round glass tables.

Why a small coffee table instead of a large dining table for a modern restaurant?

A modern restaurant vividly follows the principles of minimalistic design, and delicacy is a common attribute desired by all contemporary lovers of design. That’s why small coffee glass tables are getting more in fashion as they are delicate & take up minimal space while creating a maximum impact. You no longer have to settle for the dull and dreary large dining tables of the past when you can renovate your restaurant with small and amazing glass tables. Available in tons of unique designs, sizes, and colors, these tables allow restaurant owners to practice creativity in designing their restaurant space.

Coffee table types and designs

There is no shortage of amazing and trendy coffee glass table designs and types, and every style is made for the exclusive decor needs of contemporary design lovers. Here are 18 popular coffee table designs and types available at Fab Glass and Mirror for design lovers who share the passion for spectacular;

1)    Oval Shape Coffee Table: Ideal for Minimalistic design

Oval glass tables are famous for their bold and contemporary looks and are available in six unique colors. Their minimalistic frame and graceful oval tabletop make them perfect for both small and large living spaces, offices, and patio areas.

2)    Noguchi Style Coffee Table: For ingenuity of design and aesthetic appeal

Noguchi glass tables display the next level of design ingenuity, and their aesthetic appeal is truly matchless. Available in five eye-catching colors, these tables seamlessly fit in every contemporary decor space. 

3)    Bent Glass Coffee Table: For modern interior design of entire glass made table

Bent glass coffee tables are perfect for design lovers who want desires for both functionality and aesthetic beauty. Available in multiple colors and styles, these tables often have classy shelves and are ideal for serving coffee and snacks. 

4)    Mermaid Coffee Table: adds luxury to interior design

The mermaid table is one of the finest examples of luxurious home décor and makes up a graceful coffee glass table. Besides this, these tables are also highly functional and their sublime visual beauty truly revamps the entire interior space.

5)    Rectangle Coffee Table: Ideal for family restaurants

Evergreen rectangle coffee glass tables are perfect for every style decor theme and are one of the most popular and widely loved glass table designs. This elegant glass table has a grid-style base supported by reminiscent blocks.

6)    Alpha Glass Coffee Table: Most suitable for modern settings

Alpha glass table is a superior table design advocating your love for exceptionality and elegance. Available in simple white and stylish oak colors, these tables are chic, trendy, and minimalistic.

7)    Milano Coffee Table: For elegant and grace style of restaurant

Milano is another trendy coffee glass table design loved by minimalistic design lovers. This design is renowned for its unparalleled elegance and grace and it’s a perfect housewarming gift.

8)    Diamond Design Coffee Table: Beautifully framed with diamond like design

The exceptional diamond designed coffee glass table is designed with incredible attention to detail. These tables are functional and graceful and easily fit into any contemporary decor theme.

9)    Elegant Glass Coffee Table: For the most elegant design for luxury restaurant

The elegant two-tier style is a functional and decorative table design perfect for use in office, homes, and patio areas. The polished finishes and glossy white base make them truly a sight of beauty.

10) Contemporary Two Tier Glass Coffee Table: Elegant two layers of Glass tables

This is another highly popular Fab Glass and Mirror’s two-tier coffee table design and is stylish, chic, and highly functional. You can move these tables around your house to inject a touch of sophisticated elegance in your home decor design.

11)   Infinity Premier Coffee Table: Exclusive contemporize design with infinity symbol base

Then there are infinity premier glass tables that display the design enthusiasts love for exceptional and exclusive contemporary design. In these tables, the amazing delicacy of modernistic tabletop glass is backed by the exquisite infinity-styled glossy base.

12)   Omega Coffee Table: Beautifully omega style base

Omega glass table with champagne glossy base is a thing of beauty for the lovers of sophisticated and elegant design. It’s a great decorative option for restaurants, offices, homes, and patio areas.

13)   Kilimanjaro Coffee Table: Beautifully black glass that fits interior decor

Design lovers who share a passion for symmetrical design often opt for Kilimanjaro coffee glass tables as their proportions are made with perfect precision.

14)   Wave Elegant Coffee Table: Unique stand looks like beautiful letter M

Here’s something more creative, exceptional, and unique – Wave elegant glass tables rock an orange eye-catching frame and is truly a work of art. 

15) Modern Glass Coffee Table: Luxury restaurants use it for better functionality

This table is for design enthusiasts who like cool and formal table designs. The elegant white & black base makes this table perfect for every style & themed decor space.

16)  The Kernel Coffee Table: For minimalistic design ideas

This is another table design that resembles the modern glass table design and is a tad bit more minimalistic and graceful. 

17)  Elite Glass Coffee Table: Beautifully bent stand and elegant pillars design

The elite coffee glass tables are perfect for design lovers who admire adding creative décor elements in their living space. 

18)   The Infinity Coffee Table: Most famously used coffee table

Finally, the infinity glass table is another chic and trendy table design that strictly follows the principles of minimalism. 

How much does it cost to install coffee tables for your restaurant?

The costs of glass coffee tables vary from design to design and are usually in the range of $300. Besides this, Fab Glass and Mirrors offers free shipping all across the United States and these tables can be customized as well, per your unique needs. You can truly revamp the entire aura of your restaurant with the inclusion of contemporary and trendy Round glass tables. There is no better way to captivate the customers with glass tables that oozes class, elegance, and grace. These little changes play a big role in captivating customers and encouraging them to come back again & again to your modernistic and cool restaurant.