Modern technology has an enormous effect on our society through its products and processes. It influences the quality of our daily life in many ways. Nowadays people act and interact through modern technology by using the internet, computer, smartphone, feature phone, email, fax, etc. 

Feature phone or dumb phone whatever you say has an excellent benefit in our daily. Though smartphone has more popularity than a feature phone there are some reasons that proved the feature phone or the dumb phones are better than the smartphone in some certain situations. In this article, we'll know briefly about this matter.

1. A good option excuse to people

When you have a smartphone it feels like you always have to respond to people right away. But you know it's not very important to respond or even when it’s probably not so critical that you do. But in case of a dumb phone, you can make it possible to ignore somebody, at least for a little while.

2. Didn’t have to update social media 24/7

If you have a smartphone you have to update social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. constantly. This updating process can feel boring. But if you have a dumb phone you don't have to update social media and you don't feel boring.

3. Less distracting

Smartphones have a lot of features to do many tasks. If you have a smartphone you can scroll through your favorite social network. You can play games, or you can browse the internet. These tasks will distract you many times. But in the case of a feature phone, you will not distract because of its little features.

4. Easy features

Smartphones are full of features and options that are mostly hard to perform properly. Most often people are unable to get the full benefits from these hard features of smartphones. In the case of a dumb phone, people can easily get the benefits from easy features of the dumb phone.

5. Didn’t have to be charged and recharged constantly

Smartphones are full of applications and their process running continuously. These continuous needs more power i.e. you have to charge your smartphone recharge and recharged constantly. In case of a dumb phone, there are few processes running into it and it takes low power that's why you didn’t have to be charged and recharged constantly.

6. Comparatively cheaper

Because of smart features and options, a smartphone is comparatively pricy than dumb phone. Dumb phones have as usual normal features and it is comparatively cheaper than smartphones.

7. Less breakable than smartphones

It is one of the best features of a dumb phone that you can't break it easily. Dumb phones are less breakable than smartphone that's why you can use it roughly even in adverse conditions.

8. Unique looking

Though smartphones have a lot of features and design the model of smartphones is fixed in the market. But in the case of a dumb phone, there are hounded to thousand models and designs of them. So you can get a unique looking dumb phone easily.

9. Less addictive than smartphones

Nowadays, one of the most discussed issues of smartphones is that people are badly addicted to smartphones. Instead of doing creative work, they spend most of their time on smartphones. It is a worldwide serious issue. But in the case of a dumb phone, there are fewer features that are only related to real life.

10. Less reason to worry about security

Because of the price and features of modern smartphones, there is more possibility to steal it by a thief. Besides, smartphones consist of a lot of essential personal data. So if you have a smartphone you have to worry about security. But in case of a dumb phone, there is less reason to worry about security.