A Personal Injury Case
At Page & Eichenblatt, P.A. we specialize in personal injury claims. Personal injury, contrary to popular belief, does not necessarily mean bodily harm. Even defamation is a personal injury. A blogger mentioning you out of context can lead to a personal injury lawsuit. Same as a hospital neglecting tiny details of a patient’s medical condition, which later leads to death or other health problems.

So Why do you need a lawyer for your injury claim?

#1. Better Decision Making

Ever heard the adage, two minds are better than one? When defamed or bodily harmed, most times, we switch to revenge mode. We want the person who has done us harm to pay that our thinking becomes irrational. Getting advice from someone who is not biased like a lawyer can help level our thinking. Furthermore, if the offending party owns up to their mistake and decides to compensate you, you need a lawyer to determine if the compensation is adequate. Even if they don’t, the legal practitioner will guide you on the best move to take.

#2. Better At Negotiations

Insurance companies hire expert negotiators who can be very persuasive. If you decide to handle your injury issue, you may end up settling for lower compensation than you deserve. A personal injury lawyer can help level the field because they are professional negotiators too. They can help you get a fair deal. Negotiation with insurance companies is very challenging. They work in the best interest of their clients and not you. Having a lawyer means you also have somebody looking after your investment.

#3. Understand The Legal Process

You need to understand various law terms when you decide to file a personal injury claim. You might not also know how to fill in the forms correctly or the proper procedure for claiming an injury settlement. A lawyer can explain what these legal terms implicate. He will help you fill out the necessary forms correctly. Not to forget, guiding you on the proper procedure for your settlement claim. They will also help you understand the legal implications of claiming personal injury settlement.

#4. Objective And Professional

The harm done to the body and mind causes a lot of emotional upheavals. Most times, you will not be in the right frame of mind to file your settlement claim. Being objective with your decisions will also not be secure. A personal injury lawyer will help bring back sanity in rational thinking. The skills and knowledge they come with are required to get you on the journey to a settlement claim.

#5. Faster Compensation

While it is not guaranteed that you will get compensation in a personal injury claim, a personal injury attorney can help speed up the process. If you are bodily harmed, it might take awhile before you fully recover and start claiming your settlement. Hiring a lawyer will ensure that the process commences immediately after your injury. Settlement claims are very challenging and sometimes shady. A qualified personal injury attorney has experience handling similar cases. He will go the length to sidestep all set-backs for you to be compensated as fast as possible, even if a positive outcome is not assured. Something that can take you years may take a couple of months with the right lawyer. Another interesting thing to note is that the offending party might be more convinced to settle you once they realize that you have a lawyer.

#6. Peace Of Mind

With a professional by your side, you won’t have to worry about being short-changed. Neither will you have the stress of calling on the offending party’s insurance company now and again. Your lawyer will do the footwork for you. He will handle all the stress that comes with settlement claims. You will have time to heal from your body injuries and get a hold on your emotions.

#7. Take Your Case To Trial

If push comes to shove, your experienced personal injury lawyer can take your case to court. They will use legal means to get the offending party to compensate for your injury. The offending party can also get intimidated into settling you quickly if they realize you are lawyered up. That is why most personal injury cases never go to trial. Many companies would rather pay than go through a legal battle.


When you get into an accident, call a personal injury attorney immediately after taking care of yourself medically. The attorney will do the necessary investigation and file your settlement claims. The sooner you get your lawyer on board, the better your chances of getting compensation. That is because the evidence is still intact. Witnesses also have a clear memory of what happened.