Job-description resume
Your resume is the key to create an impression on the recruiter that will eventually help you get shortlisted.

But considering the tough competition, just writing a resume will not get you hired.

For getting shortlisted, your resume needs to have essentials that are related to the target profile, and these essentials or requirements are going to be different for each job.

So, having one resume for all the profiles you target is not going to cut it. That is why it is extremely important to modify your resume as per the job description. You need to craft an impressive resume outline for each job you apply for.

Here are a few tips that will help you achieve this:

Leverage the job description

Taking account of the required expertise in a potential candidate, a job description has all the essentials that can help you incorporate keywords to write the world’s finest resume.

To match your target profile, here is how you can leverage the job description:

Carefully read the job description and choose keywords that you can include in your resume. You can include these keywords in a separate skills section or sprinkle them in the professional experience section. The idea is that your resume should match with the job description.

Though professionals should refrain from adding soft skills in their resume. However, some job posts have pointers regarding transferable skills that are required in a candidate. Make a list of such skills and showcase the same in your resume.

Note: Make sure whatever keywords you include in your resume has pointers that can substantiate the information. 

Optimize the profile title

There is a chance that your profile may not match the key responsibilities with the target profile. However, it does not mean that you do not have the required expertise.

You may have downplayed the skills that are of paramount importance in the job description and don’t come forth when the recruiter skims through your resume.

Hence, it is important to figure out the key tasks and responsibilities from the job post and feature them in the resume profile title.

Let’s say your current profile is “digital marketing executive” but the job post particularly emphasizes “social media management”.

Though this information does not directly reflect in your current profile title, this was a part of your role in the last organization.

So you can change your profile title to “Digital Marketing Executive and Social Media Manager”.

Applicant Tracking System

One of the principal reasons for modifying your resume as per the target profile resume is the applicant tracking system (ATS).

To reduce the number of irrelevant candidates whose profiles don't match the requirements of the job post, recruiters use ATS.

It shortlists resumes on a set of keywords inserted by the recruiter or the company that are relevant to the job profile.

So, the only way to pass the ATS is by creating a resume that is specific to the target profile. Hence, here are a few things that you should do to modify your resume and passing the ATS:

Think of the words you are choosing. While curating statements, use action verbs. For example, instead of writing “responsible for”, you can replace this with an action verb and write it as “overseeing”.

Action verbs make the tone of your statements authoritative and achievement-oriented. As you are incorporating industry-related keywords in your resume, it is highly critical that you use action verbs.

Some professionals end up making a blunder by overstuffing the resume with such keywords, it is important to maintain a balance between your existing resume and the incorporated keywords. Further, make sure you have points in your resume that can help you substantiate the information.

Do not repeat information in your resume, you may think that if you include these keywords multiple times in your resume, it will help your case. It does not work like that. Try to construct unique information in your resume. Let’s say you have two profiles where the work you conducted was similar. So instead of repeating the same points, try to modify your statements so that they seem unique.


As your summary is most likely the first thing a recruiter notices, it should serve as an overview of your resume.

So it is important that you curate a professional summary with your all significant achievements to convey the requirements sought in the job post.

You may use the job description of the profile you are targeting to modify your summary. Make a list of the requirements and include them in the summary.

Let’s say the profile you are targeting requires candidates to possess 4+ years of experience and impeccable interpersonal skills to manage stakeholders.

Here is how you can reflect this information in the summary as:

“4+ years experienced Content Editor with a stellar record of generating value-driven content to help businesses. Adept at managing multiple stakeholders by leveraging interpersonal skills and ensuring timely delivery of article pieces.”

Target company’s employees

When you are trying to match your resume with the target profile, job description may fall short. It may have some key information missing that is critical for your profile. Or maybe you are just trying to be thorough.

You can target the company’s existing employees by using online platforms such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or any online forum.

Scrutinize the skills and experience they are showcasing in their professional profiles.

Conduct research to gather information about the skills and expertise that you can include in your resume.


The tips will not work if you cannot validate any of the incorporated information. Hence, make sure you do not lie in your resume. Further, after adding action verbs, read the statement again to ensure that the meaning does not change.