Presentation Writing
It is not easy to talk about yourself, especially when you try to present yourself to cyberspace attractively and differently.

You often write the first thing that goes through your head, which you think makes you unique, without stopping to think about the potential reader of that text. Logically, it is done that way because selling is uncomfortable.

We spent an entire morning creating different descriptions and thinking about writing shining slides of ourselves and introducing ourselves through the other profiles on social networks that we have: "I am a consultant," "I studied at the University of Madrid," "married and with 3 children", "I live in Pamplona," "vegetarian," « Beatles fan »…

They are labels that we associate with our person. Labels that define you in the eyes of the reader who visits your profile and that will help them create that first impression of you.

Writing a personal or company presentation is simple.

It has similarities to that moment when, if you have your own business, blog, or website, you write the dreaded section "about us" (about me or about ...).
So, you can't Start Writing the Excerpt Saying:

I am a multidisciplinary, proactive, punctual, and responsible person. I have a global vision for solving delicate situations and a great sense of responsibility.

Indeed, it can be done better.

This leads me to say that it is not surprising that Julien Chorier had been hired for a permanent position, writing blablabla in his cover letter.

So, it's time to look in a mirror, analyze yourself and be honest. But above all, it is necessary to dare to stand out from the rest if we want to leave a mark on the person who reads us.

And for him to read us, you must listen to him first and speak later.

1. # Avoid the "once upon a time"

The good thing is that it brief twice.

Yes, throughout these years, you have done a lot of things: you play the harp, you dive, you have worked several months as a volunteer in a remote corner of this world, you also have two master's degrees and a bachelor's degree plus one year of Erasmus in Finland.

Ah! You speak 3 languages, manage social networks like no one else, know SEO, have studied a bit of graphic design, play soccer, were the first of your promotion in school, are tremendously proactive, and love working as a team.

Everything is essential and makes you who you are ... but ... could you put it in one paragraph? Or you could tell what you think is most relevant to the person reading you.

No one reads eternal resumes relating to your life from birth, nor pedantic presentations full of abstract data and countless adjectives.

Studies show that a human resource head hunter takes 6 seconds to get a candidate's first impression.

2. # Be Clearer than Water

The one who visits your profile will likely not know you and may even be unaware of much of the terminology specific to the sector in which you are or have worked.

Many people want to demonstrate that they are experts in their field and abuse English, technicalities, and elaborate words that complicate reading.

In your presentation, count what you have done clearly as if you were telling them to a friend without losing sight of that professional point.

Being close without being colloquial is essential, which can be perceived as a lack of respect.

Remember: don't get sick with dates, acronyms, technicalities, or words of dubious meaning.

If he knows what you're talking about, you will retain all his attention, and he will maintain your profile. I recommend the Grammarly free trial version to fix spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Moreover, you can also check if the content is plagiarism-free or not.

3. # Investigate as if you were one of the Tribes

Tell me ... what job do you want? Where do you want to go?

Research the sector in which you want to work or settle. Learn how it functions, how they communicate, and what keywords must be included in your presentation.

In all sectors, there are essential words, and there are words that become fashionable.

4. # Trust the Enormous Power of Verbs

Your training and background are essential. However, do you know what interests a person who lands on your profile? Know what you can do for him or for his company.

Imagine that you have been working for three years in an international textile brand as a window dresser, but you have also been in charge of buying all the furniture from the new stores you have opened.

What have you achieved with your work? Can your part of your work help you reach the results the company was looking for?

5. # Get to know yourself better than anyone and be Honest

You will never be able to write a good presentation about yourself anywhere if you do not understand yourself well and cannot analyze yourself to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and what you do not understand.

You must show your strengths honestly and authentically. Refrain from inventing anything and using strong words to describe your story. Tell what you do and what makes you unique.

And finally, take care of your spelling, grammar, and syntax. Only hire someone who knows how to write well.