Dog Bite?

Though dogs are lovely family pets that almost every family admires, they can sometimes be hazardous since they are unpredictable. A dog bite is one of the most common causes of personal injury claims. If you’re bitten by someone’s dog demands, the law demands that you be compensated and the dog owner pay for your damages. In some circumstances, you must file a claim with the dog owner's home insurance company. Unless you are the one who provoked the dog to anger, you have the right to seek compensation. Anyone who has experienced a dog attack knows how difficult it can be to handle such a case without an experienced lawyer.

What Should You Do After A Dog Bite

Any dog bite injury requires quick medical attention. Unlike other animals, the unique thing with dog bites is that even a seemingly minor dog bite can escalate to substantial medical bills. Remembering other harmful consequences. To protect yourself both physically and financially, you need to consider the following factors:
  • Get medical attention as soon as possible: Tending to the bite immediately reduces the risk of bacterial infection. You are also able to assess the injury and determine its severity. Dog bites are very scary; you may be frightened and get confused. In such a case, you may call someone to drive you to the nearest hospital. This will ensure you have a professional opinion and records that will be used when claiming for compensation.
  • Document the injuries: You may be unable to do so immediately after the accident. However, after receiving immediate medical attention, take photos of the injuries. This is because an injury can heal faster, or the medical treatment may act quicker and clear them up so they don’t appear severe.
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer: Dog bites result in complex cases. It can be daunting to seek compensation alone. To avoid the hustle and bustle, you can call an Anchorage attorney to help you make the process easier.

What Should I Sue For?

A dog can bite anyone if provoked. In most cases, the owner is liable for the damages you may have suffered. The cost of medical bills alone is enough to make you worried. However, such should not matter if it wasn’t your fault. You should file a lawsuit to ensure you recover compensation for any setback, including anything you may not quantify. Some of the damages you may recover include:
  • Medical bills: This is the core component of why you should sue. These expenses may include ambulatory care, such as rabies shots, stitches, plastic surgery to mitigate any scar, or any other medical service you may have received.
  • Lost wages: You will most likely miss work due to the injuries and recovery period. If you have yet to receive a set salary, your personal injury lawyer can advise you on what should be done.
  • Lost earning capacity: Some dog bites can lead to debilitating injuries. In such a case, you may have to work hard to perform the same duties you previously carried out. You may recover from reduced earning capacity. It can be beneficial for someone who has yet to start working. For instance, a college student who may have suffered nerve damage from a dog bite may be unable to become a future athlete.
  • Property damage: You may have suffered injuries such as torn clothes or any other property you had during the dog attack.
  • General damages: These could include pain and suffering or any other form of damages that resulted in emotional distress after the dog bite.

The Common Law Liability Concerning Dog Bites

Most states have strict liability for the damages suffered as a result of a dog bite. However, in Alaska, a dog bite is based on the decisions made by the court; the state doesn’t have a specific statute that covers dog bite liability. However, they follow the “one bite rule” when dealing with dog bite claims. The negligence factors of the case mainly determine any liability. 

Thus, if a dog owner fails to exercise reasonable control of his/her dog and the dog bites someone and causes injuries, the owner may be held liable. The injured party has to prove that the owner knew the dog had some funny traits and had a tendency to cause harm. If you have questions about dealing with a dog bite, you may consider looking for a dog bite lawyer to advise on whether you have a winnable case against the dog owner. 

The lawyer will ensure the dog owner is held legally and financially liable for the damages caused. Yet again, hiring a lawyer will ensure you file your claim within a reasonable time.