eye contact lenses
Making the shift from spectacles to eye contact lenses can be an empowering feeling. Apart from feeling liberated, you feel confident and good about your physical appearance. Unlike glasses, contacts will not fall out or break if you are a little careless.

However, first-time contact lens wearers have to deal with a few anxieties, especially about wearing them. You can feel confused about the caring and maintenance of the contacts. If you are looking forward to wearing eye contact lenses for the first time, you must check out the following tips:

Learn to wear contacts

When you learn to ride a new vehicle, it takes practice and time to get good at it. The same is the case with wearing eye contact lenses. Wash your hands with water and soap before wearing contacts. This will prevent your eye from any kind of infections. Place the contact lens for the right eye on your fingertip. The contact should resemble a little cup.

With the other hand, pull your bottom eyelid down and upper eyelid up to prevent blinking. Move the contact lens towards your right eye. Look upwards while placing the contact in your right eye. Leave your eyelids. Close your eyes. The contact will settle down. Repeat the same process with your left eye.

Clean your contact lenses regularly

The second tip is to clean your contacts regularly to protect yourself from eye infections that are caused by bacteria. You can use a contact solution to hydrate and disinfect your eye contact lenses. When you are not wearing the contacts, store them in the contact solution. You can also use a saline or saltwater solution to rinse off dirt before wearing your contacts. Do not store your contacts in a saline solution.

Choose contacts that suit you

Contacts differ in the wearing patterns. You can choose between daily lenses, biweekly lenses and monthly lenses depending on what feels more comfortable. Daily lenses are the most hygienic and convenient of all lenses, but they are expensive. If you wear lenses occasionally, you can opt for them.

You can wear monthly lenses for an entire month. You have to store them in contact lens solution every night after cleaning them. As they are affordable, they are a great choice for people who wear contacts daily. Biweekly lenses provide a middle ground between daily and monthly lenses. If you need help in choosing the best contact lenses for you, you can visit https://www.contactlenses.co.uk.

Use eye drops

Once you have the contacts on, you can carry out all the activities apart from bathing and swimming. If your eyes feel dry, you can use eye drops to re-wet your contacts. It provides immediate relief to your eyes. You can also use eye drops if you experience any form of itching or irritation.

Check with your doctor

A great tip for first-time contact lens wearers is to follow the advice of a doctor. Visit your optometrist and have an eye checkup. You can ask him/her for the right eye contact lenses, contact solution and eye drops.

These tips will be helpful for people buying their first eye contact lenses. If you want to shop for affordable contact lenses South Africa, EyeSupply is your ideal destination. You can find the best contact lenses brands that will make your shift from glasses to contacts a smooth experience.