Romantic Date Spots
Miami. The Everglades. Palm Beach. The Florida Keys. These are all locations in the southern half of the USA's most south-easterly state which conjure images of excitement and entertainment. Flanked by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida is a scenic peninsula which has been a haven for holidaymakers and romantic couples for some time. Whether it’s the allure of its many theme parks or the expansive Everglades, there are many activities for visitors to experience when they visit. If you are now planning a get-together in a suitably romantic destination in South Florida, you are spoiled for choice. Whether you're seeking a sun-soaked beach paradise, an adrenaline-rush of waters sports, a wildlife-spotting trip or simply a restaurant outing to enjoy the finest cuisine the Sunshine State has to offer, there is bound to be something here for you. Here are six of the best romantic date spots in South Florida that were compiled by the dating experts from this website.

Sightseeing in Miami

Your first stopping-off point for your tour of South Florida romantic date spots can be Miami itself, the largest metropolis on the peninsula. There are so many locations for you and your loved one to explore here. Spend some time at Ocean Drive, taking in the artistic displays and the wonderful art deco architecture. The Vizcaya Museum, set over 40 hectares, includes renaissance gardens, native woodlands, and a historic village. Miami Seaquarium is also worth a visit, where you can experience many of the creatures native to the nearby Atlantic seaboard – sharks, birds, reptiles, and manatees – up close.

Book an Everglades Swamp Tour

Known as the ‘river of grass' by the native Seminole tribes who lived here centuries before Columbus arrived to claim the Americas, this vast ecosystem of wetlands is home to incredible biodiversity. The best way for you and your partner to enjoy this landscape is by going on an airboat tour of the animal-rich environment. Keep an eye out for alligators and wading birds.

Visit Cape Florida Lighthouse

This is the ideal date spot for you and your partner, a location where you can go boating, splash around the shallows, or enjoy picnics on the beautiful beachfront. Towering over the landscape is the Cape Florida Lighthouse, built in 1825, and still looking very dapper despite its vintage. After enjoying the activities in the local park and beach, you can book a guided tour of this 19th-century wonder and the delightful lighthousekeeper's cottage next door.

Soak up the culture in Palm Beach

Upmarket boutiques to browse through, sprawling beaches to lounge around, galleries to explore, restaurants serving mouth-watering cuisine. Palm Beach has everything any romantically-inclined couple could ask for as a date spot. The only issue you are likely to come across is the headache of deciding which of the exciting locations to dip into first.

Visit Naples Botanical Garden

There are over 170 acres of verdant gardens to explore here, the landscapes partitioned into seven sections, each representing a different ecosystem. There are at least one thousand separate plant species on display, so you'll never tire of finding delightful and colorful blooms to feast your eyes on. Daily tours are offered, allowing you to gain a full picture of this horticultural marvel. You and your partner can relish the contrasting scents of the flora surrounding the pristine walkways.

Mind-blowing natural science at Calusa

If you pay a visit to Fort Meyers, you'll come across the Calusa Nature Center. An abundance of wildlife can be discovered in the park, including raccoons and skunks, as well as butterflies and all manner of birds. Some of the aviaries feature majestic birds of prey. A museum presents more in-depth information about the fauna, and there are nature trails which will bring you closer to some of the more exotic species. When the sun dips, you can head over to the planetarium to take in the wonders of the cosmos.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

At Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, visitors can swim, play, and go boating on the Atlantic. The beach at Bill Baggs is rated one of the top ten beaches in America, and with over a mile of picturesque, sandy beachfront, it's not difficult to see why.