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A human’s entire endocrine system is composed of different glands and hormones. Your endocrine system plays an essential role in helping coordinate all the functions of the body.

Inside this system, as mentioned, are different glands and hormones. Hormones generally refer to “chemical messengers,” which, from the name itself, helps transmit signals or messages to the brain. Hormones also play a key role in coordinating all your bodily functions, and too much or too little production of these hormones will most likely lead to a series of hormonal changes, or popularly known as a hormonal imbalance.

Hormone imbalance is not something to be taken lightly. Most people tend to shrug it off because, unlike physical ailments or diseases, hormone imbalance cannot be seen. It can only be felt, and oftentimes humans overlook the importance of looking after their hormonal needs.

Which is why this article is perfect for explaining the essential role of hormones, what a hormone imbalance is, what it does to your body, and why is there growing importance of attending to your hormone needs.

What Is Hormone Imbalance?

As mentioned, a hormone imbalance occurs when your hormones are not produced properly. The imbalance may mean either a deficiency or an overflow of a particular hormone at a given time. The type of hormone that is imbalanced, then, will play an essential role in determining how the signs and symptoms will turn out, along with other health risks involved.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalance?

Experiencing hormone imbalance can cause a lot of different symptoms that may range from mild to severe. Some of these common symptoms and issues include the following:
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained weight gain or weight loss
  • Hot flashes
  • Change in bowel movements
  • Oversensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Increased or decreased heart rate
  • Dry skin or rashes
  • Depression, anxiety, mood swings
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Changes in appetite
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain
These are only some of the many other signs and symptoms you may experience when going through hormonal imbalance. Although may symptoms can be misleading, so it’s best to have yourself checked by a professional once you feel like you’re experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms. Your hormone levels should depict the root cause of all the symptoms you’re experiencing.

On a lighter note, hormone imbalance can actually be prevented or at least alleviated. Here some of the most common ways and remedies you can perform to bring back the natural balance of your body’s hormones:

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is a known antioxidant, and in fact, one of the healthiest beverages ever to exist. Research says that consuming green tea can help ease insulin-resistant conditions, which can further prevent the chances of obesity and diabetes. And aside from that, green tea, in general, has a whole lot of other health benefits, so doctors and nutritionists alike suggest drinking at least two to three cups per day.

Stay Active

Getting up on your feet and working out at least twice a week can get your hormones running. It produces endorphins or better known as the “happy hormone.” Make it a habit to exercise in the morning or take a quick jog in the afternoon, whichever works best for you. Professionals don’t exactly recommend that you strain your muscles, a couple of stretching exercises, yoga, or pilates will do. Other workout routines you can try include high-intensity interval training or HIIT, circuit training, boxing, and a lot more.

Seek Medical Help

If all else fails, seek medical help! A lot of people suffering from hormone imbalance today tend to seek medical and professional assistance as it promises a safe procedure with immediate results. Many patients have testified that getting a bioidentical hormone replacement in Kansas City is the best decision they have ever made, as it really helped bring back the natural balance of their hormones, especially with the supplements BPC 157 that have improved their overall health.  Above all, it also helps restore their youthful glow.

Wrapping Up

So you see, hormone imbalance is not something to be taken lightly. It may not look like an ordinary ailment or disease because of its lack of physical qualities, but it can lead to severe health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mental health issues, and many more. Make sure that you get yourself checked the moment you experience the symptoms mentioned earlier, and perform the above-mentioned natural and medical remedies to restore the natural balance of your body’s hormones.

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Though not a medical professional, Hodge Racter knows a lot about medical topics, including testosterone replacement therapy (having undergone the procedure himself) and cosmetic and non-cosmetic surgeries. Today, he remains spry and energetic despite his age, and when he’s not doing freelance work, he’s having quality time with his wife and two dogs.