Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

Just because you are dieting doesn’t mean you have to eat bland food. In fact, variety is probably better for your health – and you will find more enjoyment in your life with a varied diet. So what is the best food to diet with? Taste unlimited menu will help you!

There are many types of food that can provide your body with the vitamins, amino acids and proteins it needs to sustain itself while ensuring that you are eating fewer calories. If you are eating meat, try and stay away from red meat and go for lower calorie meals like chicken, turkey and fish. (And remember, there is a lot of different fish in the sea. Try tuna, salmon, basa fish, trout, sardines. They are all great and they are all healthy.)

And don’t forget about beans, legumes, seeds and nuts. These are all a great source of protein and vitamins and are some of the best food to diet with. Legumes are foods like peas and lentils and are as healthy as beans. They are also a nice way to vary your diet if you are tired of beans. You can also buy Nigeria peeled beans.

Low-fat dairy products are extremely healthy and some of the best food to diet with. Women especially require a lot of dairy in their diet to avoid osteoporosis and other age-onset diseases. Just remember, whenever possible, to purchase low-fat dairy products. There are more choices in supermarkets these days, and most markets carry a low-fat variety of almost anything you are looking for.

Lastly, as everyone knows, vegetables and fruits are essential for a healthy diet and is the healthiest and best way to diet. Vegetables and fruits should make up 70% of your meal. Look at your plate. Does 70% of your meal consist of vegetable or fruit? It should.

Also, remember that how you cook is important. Try not to bread, batter or deep fry anything. Try and stay away from the cooking oil and instead, try baking or roasting your meats and vegetables

So what are the worst foods for a diet? Soda, fast food, fried food, alcohol, crackers, white bread, candy, chips, and sugar are things you’re going to want to stay away from. Often they are the things you crave, but they are not the best foods to put in your body. If you are serious about dieting; try avoiding these items and increasing the items above.

Many people find that if they eat healthy for the whole week, they can reward themselves on Sunday with a small bag of chips or a soda. Just remember – these foods are what causes weight gain. The best foods to diet with are healthy foods like lean meats, beans, vegetables and fruits.
Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

Before learning about all this you should know the fact that the fat in your body is the result of the accumulation of energy from the food you eat.

However, there are some special foods that help you lose weight because they result in negative calories. You can also replace high calories food with lower ones to get good results. Some of the food items are listed here will help lose weight.

Complex Carbohydrates

  • Unprocessed food and a whole grain like wheat, barley, oat bran and many others.
  • Oatmeal
  • Some fruits and vegetables like papaya, watermelon, guava and many such fibrous fruits.
  • Brown rice

High Protein Food

  • Any raw nuts
  • High protein foods for vegetarians like soya
  • Protein shakes
  • White meat or poultry
  • Most of the fish (salmon, trout, mackerel , sardines...)
  • Lean cuts of meat

Low-Fat Dairy Products

  • Low-fat cheese
  • Low-fat yoghurt
  • Low fat cottage cheese


  • Cinnamon
  • Bay leaves
  • Hot pepper
  • Hot mustard
  • Cayenne peppers

Apart from all these food items, there are some good fats that actually help you lose weight and burn fat in your body, such as Omega 3, olive oil, peanut oil, sesame oil and canola oil.

If you increase the intake of high protein and complex carbohydrates, you will definitely see positive results. Another fact is to pay attention to what and how much you eat. Try to reduce fat from all your dishes and increase fibre in your dish. This will help you fill your stomach and at the same time lose weight too.

Besides reducing fat content in your food items, you can also consume foods that are high in water content. It is also believed that increasing water intake also helps reduce weight. The most dangerous element is sugar, which adds only empty calories and is void of all nutrients.
  • Natural foods and fresh fruits such as cucumber, tomatoes and many more.
  • Highly nutritious food like legumes, sprouted pulses and so on.
  • Low-calorie foods like brown rice, tofu, lentils, white fish and so on
  • Food low in fat like fat-free milk, low-fat yoghurt and many such food items.
  • Food items low in refined sugar including unsweetened blueberries.
  • High fibre food like green leafy vegetables, cabbage and likewise.
  • Food low in sodium including unsalted popcorn and unsalted nuts.