Perfect Shapewear
What is a wedding, if not a promise to choose each other every step of the way and every day for the rest of lives? Sharing this vow to stick with each other through every version of reality and every joyful & painful moment is exactly what a marriage is. However, the highlight of every new marriage is their wedding, and looking perfect on one's wedding day is every girl's dream.

How then, can every bride-to-be prepare herself to look her absolute best on her wedding day? Before the groom says yes to the bride, the bride must be able to say 'yes to the dress.' And, to say yes to a particular dress, she needs to weigh in her options about getting the perfect shapewear to go under her wedding gown. Finding the perfect shapewear to use on one's wedding is essential - whether it is high waisted thong shapewear, a thong bodysuit shaper or any other kind of shapewear.

There are scores of articles out on the 'world wide web' that caters to the needs of everyday shapewear, but hardly any specifically talking about bridal shapewear.

Here's a list of shapewear details that need to be taken care way ahead one's wedding day:

  • Wedding Dress Bra - An imperfect bra can ruin any day, especially your wedding day. Brides usually hunt for bras that are conducive to one's skin-tone to hide any plausible peek-a-boo moment. However, it is far more important for brides to pick a wedding dress bra that fits snugly, is comfortable to wear, doesn't make the bust look flattened, and doesn't need constant adjusting. Making sure that it can work best as one walks down the aisle is extremely important.

How do you Make sure that you have the perfect fitting wedding dress bra on?

  • Do the Two Finger Test - Slide two fingers underneath the bra's band while it's on its loosest hook. If your girls are still intact and your two fingers are able to slide through, then the bra is perfect for you.
  • Tip - Make sure that the cup type is perfect for your body's make. Keep in mind that some might need balconette cups, balcony cups, contour cups, whereas others might require demi cups, full cups, lined cups, minimizer cups, or even nursing cups.

Choosing Shapewear Depending on Wedding Dress:

  • Form-fitting and snugly clingy - If you are going with a form-fitting and snug wedding gown that is made of a clingy material, then the best choice is high waisted thong shapewear. Not only does it have the compression requirement that is suited to tucking in your tummy, but it gives you a smooth look. By choosing to wear high waisted thong shapewear, you as a bride, avoid any visible panty lines ( which ruin any look).
The material of your wedding gown also plays a crucial role in deciding your shapewear. If you are opting for a silk or satin finish gown, then you'll have to deal with clingy material. Clingy gowns often require shapewear that makes the body look streamlined and gives a seamless look. So, take special care that your compression high-waisted thong shapewear is seamless, and no edges are visible underneath your gown. 
  • Form-fitting on the Upper body - For those opting to choose a wedding gown that has a form-fitting snug look on the upper body, then it's important to focus on choosing shapewear that is lightweight and extremely flexible. With the shapewear on, it should be perfect for one to move their bodies in a desirable yet comfortable way on the wedding dance floor. For such gowns, it is best to opt for a thong bodysuit shaper. The shapewear's low profile will give it a seamless, invisible yet lightweight feel that can even be used underneath a sheer wedding gown.
  • Form-fitting around the hips & thighs - A wedding gown with a tighter form-fitting feature around the hip & thigh region requires shapewear that smoothes the access cellulite in your thighs and gives it a smooth, slimming silhouette. High-waisted boy short or hipster shapewear take specific care of these issues of excess cellulite on the thighs and hips.
Conclusively, these are the different types of shapewear that you can choose according to the dresses that you pick. Now you can have the perfect shapewear for your wedding day needs and enjoy your day to the fullest.