Singapore is an island state situated at the southern end of the Malay Peninsula. Once a struggling country, after its independence from Malaysia in 1965, the Lion City is now among the wealthiest and most economically stable countries in the world. This island nation boasts of ultra-clean surroundings, lush greenery, diverse culture, and world-class tourist attractions.

Apart from a strong economy and tourism, Singapore is also recognised for its remarkable educational system. In the recent “Academic Rankings of World Universities,” the National University of Singapore and National Technological University bested some of the world’s most prominent academic institutions.

While the quality of education is second to none, the cost of attending university in the city-state has been steadily increasing for many years. If you are a college student looking for additional allowance, earning passive income is the perfect solution. From selling university study notes in Singapore to capitalising your photography skills, here are some unique ideas to earn passive income while finishing your degree.

Sell Photos Online

Do you have a talent of capturing images that tell a story? If your creative Instagram photos of beautiful places, landscapes, and people are garnering thousands of likes, then it is evident that you have an eye for photography. If you have several gigabytes of pictures, you can start choosing the best ones so that you can sell them online.

Choose from among the numerous stock photography sites where you can licence your images and connect with publishers, brands, and other parties that may be interested in using your photos. You may also want to focus on Singaporean themes since most of the images in stock photo websites are western. Doing so can make your work stand out, especially for Asian businesses looking for such content.

Turn Your Car Into Advertising Billboards

If you are fortunate to have your own car, you may want to consider letting advertisers use it for their marketing campaigns. Plenty of advertising agencies in Singapore are looking for private car owners willing to allow their cars to become “billboards,” since this approach tends to generate more attention than using public vehicles.

Using your car as an advertising medium can help you earn as much as $120 a month, depending on the type of your vehicle and the position of the ad (e.g., whole car, passenger door, rear bumper, etc.). This guarantees monthly earnings by doing practically nothing. 

Sell University Study Notes

If you love studying and taking down notes, you may want to take out all the study guides you have written all through the years and start organising them. Did you know that you can sell university study notes in Singapore? 

Thanks to the numerous internet note-sharing platforms, students like you can now make money from all the hard work you have expended in your classes. Think about it. You no longer have to exert much effort since your “product” is almost done. You just need to find “customers” who will patronise them.

Selling class notes is convenient for as long as you are sure that you have well-written and detailed output. There are multiple websites where you can upload your work and receive a fee in return. Just make sure to research each one to find a reliable platform that appreciates and knows the value of your effort.

Being a university student in Singapore is expensive. You need money for books, school supplies, transportation, and many other expenses. Hopefully, the discussion points above will give you an idea on the many ways you can earn money without losing precious time for studying. 

Author Bio: Paul Sebastian is a blogger and writer. He loves to express his ideas and thoughts through his writings.