Daily Journal in Evernote
Writing in a daily journal helps you keep track of your thoughts and stay organized. 

Relying on software like Evernote to maintain a daily journal is smart and straightforward.

Journaling is not just for students. Many adults, and professionals of every age and career type, write a daily journal for several reasons. It’s also a hobby that offers several benefits that can improve our personal and professional lives.

Follow this full guide to keeping a daily journal in Evernote and reap the benefits.

How Does Evernote Work?

Naturally, you might be wondering: what is Evernote, and how does it work?

Evernote is a popular app that creates, stores, and organizes different media files. You can use it to manage web content, photos, and texts in the form of well-organized notes within its digital notebooks.

Create an account, and Evernote syncs files for automatic updates that save to the cloud on all your devices.

How Is It Different From Similar Software?

Maybe by now, you think Evernote is just like Google Drive or Dropbox. 

But here’s the kicker — it’s not.

Like those apps, Evernote helps you stay organized. And it allows for automatic updates through a cloud-based storage system.

However, Evernote focuses on the creation, revision, and archiving of notes and notebooks. This makes it a top-choice for journaling. It boasts features specific to journaling, which is entirely different from the focus of both Google Drive and Dropbox.

But more on that later.

Who Should Use Evernote?

Evernote is a wonderful option for anyone looking for a smart way to create and store notes. 

In particular, it could really make a difference for:
  • Career professionals: manage notes made during meetings
  • Parents: keep track of yours and your kids’ schedules
  • Students: organize your assignments, save and review notes, share content with classmates
And anyone looking for an easy way to journal.

Because it makes it easy to keep documents organized, Evernote is an excellent tool for professionals, parents, and students. 

The fact that it automatically updates notes you create, alter, and add, makes using it to create a daily journal accessible, as well as fun.

What Are Its Best Journaling Features?

Evernote has an array of helpful features that allow you to create and sustain a thoughtful daily journal. 

Here are some of the best features:
The main feature of Evernote, Notes can take the form of a written document, an image, a web page, and more. Notes are easily accessible and will be instantly updated.

Create a new Note to start a daily journal. You can start a new Note each day or build off the previous day’s Note. 

Not sure which is the best option for you?

No worries. You can even select two or more notes and right-click. The option for “Merge” to appear, allowing you to combine them into one long Note. 


This is where you collect and store your Notes. Once you click on Notebooks, you’ll see a list of all your Notes. 
You can also search within Notebooks to locate a specific note. This is especially helpful when you’re writing a journal.
Notebooks are the organizational system that stores your various Notes that serve as journal entries.


Allow Evernote to track your location, and its Atlas feature geocodes your notes so you can view their position on an interactive map.

With Atlas, you’ll never have to remember where you were when inspiration struck, and you wrote a killer journal entry. It will show you exactly where, in a neat and handy display.


Evernote’s Tags feature allows you to search through notes with ease by searching a keyword tag.

Unlike the regular search feature, you have to create a Tag for each Note or set of notes. Just another way to stay organized and efficient!

Works Offline

You can access your Notes even if your device cannot connect to a WiFi signal. 
Maybe you’ve wandered into a WiFi dead zone or are traveling and have airplane mode on — you’ll still be able to view your Notes. Nice.

Customizable Toolbar and Sidebar

Under View in Evernote’s Menu bar, you will encounter Customize Toolbar and Sidebar Options. Optimize these settings to save you valuable time whenever you access Evernote!

You’ll be able to alter the layout of your toolbar and sidebar so that your most commonly used features are at the ready for your convenience. You can also show or hide Notes and Notebooks for your privacy.

Tips For Starting a Journal With Evernote

So now we know how Evernote works, why we should use it, and its best features. 

Next, we’ll share some tips to help you get started on your brand new daily journal.

Evernote Journaling Tips:

All the features mentioned above are part of a Basic Evernote account. That means there’s no need to pay more to create an awesome journal!

Download the free app on your iOS or Android device to start syncing your journal while on the go.
Access Trunk: Trunk is where you find Evernote’s tools and other starter resources, which is super helpful for beginners.

Take photos using Evernote and add the picture to your journal. It’s a cool way to add a visual component to your journal whenever the inspiration strikes.

Visit Evernote’s App Center:

Find apps to integrate with your Evernote journaling notes and notebooks to improve your user experience. 

You can find apps under headings like Lifestyle, Business, Education, and Productivity.

And that’s it! Of course, the more you get to know Evernote, and it’s superb features, the more excited you’ll be about journaling daily.


Keeping a daily journal is a superb way to capture and store your thoughts and experiences. It also offers many unexpected personal and professional benefits.

It’s not always easy to start and maintain a daily journal, but with the help of Evernote, there are no excuses.

Now you can create the daily habit you’ve always wanted with our full guide to keeping a journal in Evernote.

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