The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has spread worldwide and is currently present in 210 countries and territories. So everyone has become unemployed. Millions of people have no income due to lockdown and the inactive world. Don't worry!  You keep hope.

In this article, I have tried to assemble the most common 7 online businesses you can do at home. You need not have sufficient money, academic qualifications for earning at home. You just have to be patient and the skills to do so.

Benefits of Online Business

Holding and keeping an online business gives entrepreneurs the liberty to make capital from anywhere on the planet.  The idea is tempting and more feasible than ever before, but many entrepreneurs don't know where to start. 

Whether you are becoming a full-time entrepreneur or want to start a part-time business for passive income, your product or service should meet the needs of a specific consumer. We've compiled a series of needs-based profitable companies with minimal start-up costs to get started as soon as possible.

1. Blogger

Blogging may seem like an old business strategy since almost everyone already has one, but competition will not stop you from embarking on this online business journey.  Blogging can be lucrative for you if you like to write or keep important information to share.

Starting a blog as a business is very easy for website builders like Webbley and Word Press, but the key to success is consistency and quality.  To achieve the unwavering following, you must regularly write and produce high-quality content that values ​​your readers.  Content that educates informs, or entertains your readers give you a reason to follow.

After gaining expertise in creating consistent content, you can monetize your blog by selling products like online courses, digital coaching, e-books, or webinars. This business strategy may take some more time and effort to monetize, but in the end, it can be very profitable.

2. Handicraft seller

As sellers change their sales to e-commerce, online marketplaces for handmade commodities like Estee and Artfire prepare it extremely simple for the craftsperson. If you have unique craftsmanship, selling your products on an e-commerce site while sitting at home is a great way for you to earn.

The initial cost of this business idea is extremely low if you purchase your creative materials in bulk from a craft supplier.  If you can quickly create and sell your artwork in an online store, you will not make a profit.  Local artisans find higher success when promoting their business through social media.

3. Create an application

Since smartphones are everywhere, the demand for new and creative apps is growing in popularity.  Between Google's Android and Apple's iPhone market, people use countless apps every day.  And, most of them are right and left selling.  Taking the time to develop and sell a smartphone application can be valuable to you as it is a profitable way to make money online.  

Apps actually cost almost nothing to develop and involve no shipping or storage costs, which works to expand your overall profit margins.  Well-performing apps can earn thousands of ads per month for their creators, making it a more passive revenue strategy.

4. Professional freelancer

Freelancing through the Internet is a great way for their individual business experts to help different clients overall.  A number of freelancing and project-based websites require businesses to list their projects for additional assistance.  Small businesses and freelancers offer offers, ideas, or bids, allowing buyers to choose what they need and what they need easily.  

Sites like Alliance or Upwork cover everything from written content, graphic design, programming, data entry. Or you can make a website if you have skills like you able to translate English to Italy or Spanish then you can start translations Service Company and give service for your clients.

5.Creating a WordPress theme

As more and more people want to establish their presence online, regardless of their reasons, the demand for WordPress themes and website templates continues to grow.  What talent do you have for website and HTML coding design?  If so, you can make big money by creating attractive website themes.  Create these and then sell them online in markets like ThemeForest and TemplateMonster to earn a high passive income for yourself, depending on exactly how talented you are.

6. Perform research

Can't design, write, or code, website?  No problem.  This will not stop you from making money on the Internet.  If you have a few extra hours a week, you can do a lot of research for other people or organizations who can't spend time on their own.  Many organizations and businesses hire people every day to research certain topics or to assist them in online investigations.  You could be one of them.

7. Sell ​​photos

Do you like photography and have a general passion for photography?  If so, you can make a living by selling your photos online. Countless people are willing to pay you well for the collection of unique images offered to you. Submitting your photos to the public is much easier than today, which can provide a very convenient way to create a solid source of extra income.  

A number of stock photo sites, such as Shutterstock and Fotolia, randomly entice people to earn money from free-time photos passively. Otherhand you can also give support who need photography.

8. Sell ​​Service

Suppose you are graphic designer and you know how to edit photo. Then you can make a website like Photo retouch house they made and you can give all kind of photo editing service like clipping path, masking, photo retouching or raster to vector conversion service. Other hand you can also make some PSD template file or make business card then you can upload on your site and sell as a product. 

And for sell you need to promote your business or branding your website. For that you can take support from some SEO experts or promote your business on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Last Line

Overall, the Internet itself is overflowing with money.  For most people, making money online is not the primary source of their income; it can create a powerful complementary stream of incoming dollars each month. 

Take the time and see where it looks.  There is something for everyone.  Whether you want to get your hands dirty or earn passive income, I have 7 online businesses that you can do at home on my list.  I hope I gave you some inspiration to start something on my own! 

Good luck!