Grandma’s Jewelry Box

Raiding your grandma’s cupboard for her jewelry is one of the most desirable things for every girl. We all have tried doing it or think of doing the same at some point in our lives. We all know that grannies have the best jewelry collection which is not just antique but also looks very beautiful. We very well know that old trends are returning back. Be it, the coming back of palazzo pants, crop tops, turtle neck, or the very famous oxidized silver jewelry. These days when you surf online or roam around streets to buy jewelry, you will see that a lot of old things have come back. From rings, brooches, to earrings online; everything is inspired by what was worn by the ladies in old times.

Make sure that you ask your granny if she has a collection of some good silver jewelry. She is surely going to say a yes because people in those times were very fond of the silver jewels. Here are a few things which you need to make sure that you take out from her collection before she starts distributing it amongst your cousins. Go and call dibs on what you want from her.

Silver Kadas

Your daadi must be having a collection of silver kadas which is the best thing you can ever think of having. These look very good when worn with something as simple as a white kurta and blue jeans. You can take the kadas from her on the first hand.

Nose Pin

If you are nose pin wearer, then you need to seriously grab this one from her. Women in the old times were very fond of wearing different types of nose pins. They used to get themselves customized nose pins in different designs and metals. You can ask your grandma if she has to give you any nose pin.


I can’t really guarantee that you will get your minimalistic studs with her, but yes you will get a lot more surprises than that with her. You can have a look at her traditional jhumka earrings or the chandbalis, which she must have kept safely in her jewelry box. The best part about our grandmas is that they took a lot of care of everything, be it their family or things. You will be amazed to see how beautifully she keeps all her thing stores in velvet-lined boxes.


Ranihaar is something that you must have been seen in every ancient movie or inspired series. You can surely call dibs on it and she will be amazed to see how curious you are to have her things. This is an indication of the love that you have for her, which makes you think of adoring everything she has.

Maang Tikka

Also, make sure that you have a look at her maang tikka which she has kept with care from her wedding day. You can also call dibs on this one since this one is going to be one of the most adorable things from her jewelry collection

When you think of raiding your granny’s jewelry collection, make sure that these are not just going to be some random jewelry pieces. They are going to be the most valuable thing for you and you need to promise to take care of these.