Commercial Real Estate

India, one of the biggest Asian countries, also ranks among those nations that are developing on a faster scale. Moreover, it is also attracting a lot of attention from corporations and investors around the world. After 2015, the country managed to attract a total of $342 billion in investments. Since the country is not lagging behind in the race of development, thousands of industries have witnessed a boom. The same was the case for the real estate industry which managed to attract 10% of the total investment.

This goes to show that not only is real estate in India profitable, but the inventory is growing as well. Suffice it to say, a lot of people are looking to buy property in India. Here are some of the cities in which everyone wants to go for commercial real estate in the country:


Hyderabad is one of the cities in India that have developed a lot especially in the last decade. The city has seen major landscape and socio-economic changes. However, it has also seen changes in industries that are targeting the area. Not only are major real estate developers in the area but IT parks and corporations are swiftly moving in too. The recent changes in the real estate inventory on the commercial side made Hyderabad a safe haven for foreign investment.

The mobility of major industry giants paved the way for smaller corporations and companies to move to the area as well. This raised the demand for residential as well as commercial real estate to a whole new level. The city responded with greater residential projects along with more commercial space for retail projects. In fact, Hyderabad is one of the best cities for starting co-shared office spaces as well.


Mumbai is quite safely the financial capital of India. Although there’s a lack of space in the densely populated city, it’s still a favorite in commercial real estate investment. Areas like the BKC and Lower Parel are some of the chief reasons for this fast-paced development. The demand in the commercial real estate sector compelled developers to increase inventories. Various corporations of national and international interests have settled in the southern part of the city. This has consequently raised the demand for residential real estate along with all the associated amenities

Parks, hospitals, fitness centers, restaurants and retail centers, malls, and other amenities are increasing in numbers in this city. Mumbai is also one of the cities in India that have a huge demand for office spaces. Similarly, it also provides rental yields in commercial real estate close to 8-11%. 

Delhi NCR:

Given the recent changes in the laws regarding investment policies, Delhi and other cities have seen an increase in interest. This interest has been from residential and commercial real estate investors who see the potential profit the city promises. Firstly, the infrastructure of the city is favorable for investment. Major corporations and retail centers have established themselves in the NCR. These market centers attract employees and investors alike, offering residential and commercial inventories. Secondly, the city is a large consumer market that has no specific set of industries or markets operating. Needless to say, all sorts of organizations and corporations, whether small-scale or large-scale, have helped stimulate economic growth.

Finally, the city is filled with amazing options for all classes of people. It’s easy to find affordable properties not just for rent but for purchasing as well. Consequently, this also comes with all the luxury and amenities associated with each option. Overall, it’s safe to bet on commercial real estate investment in Delhi NCR.


Bengaluru is better than the above-mentioned cities for real estate investment. One of the reasons for this is the recent development of the city’s infrastructure. The major improvements of the road networks with NICE Ring Road, NH7, NH4, City Radial Road, etc. have connected the city. Future governmental development plans include a metro rail line that attracts a lot of investment itself. Moreover, some of the top real estate developers in India have started focusing on Bengaluru. This only means that the city will experience fine growth and provide even greater yields than now.