What was once on of the most basic tasks of life is now something difficult. Gone are the days when you could simply hop in the car and go shopping. Now, you need to think about how busy the store is, whether you have a mask with you, and how to avoid long lines in or outside of the store. All of it is easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean you cannot support the local economy while getting through this crisis.

If you are looking to support the economy by buying Canadian during the COVID-19 crisis, then here are some tips to shop smarter. 

Order Online When You Can

While you don’t have to stick to one service, if you find one that supports Canadian businesses, it will be worthwhile to become a loyal customer. That said, if you cannot find what you need, switch providers and shop wisely. If you are having a hard time getting a specific product at physical stores, subscribe to the company or the manufacturer so you can get it without a doubt.

This is now a time when you can begin exploring local businesses instead of major chain stores that might have back orders or delays. See what local brands and businesses are providing online orders and/or curbside delivery. Local grocers will be happy to have your business.

Avoid Peak-Hours If Going Out

If you cannot find what you need online or need something in an emergency, then you should avoid peak hours. This generally means on weekends and after work hours. Although some companies are still working from home, others are back to a regular schedule. If you can, go when there are fewer people, such as earlier in the morning or an hour or so before closing time.

Bring Your Own Sanitizer and Wipes

Instead of BYOB, it is now BYOSW. Not every store is going to have hand sanitizer and wipes available for you to use. The good news is that you can purchase sanitizer and wipes online from Canadian manufacturers so you are more protected the next time you shop.

While shopping, wipe down the trolley hand bars or the shopping basket and also disinfect your hands after handling any equipment at the store. Make it a habit alongside wearing a face mask.

Shop With Your Eyes, Not Your Hands

This is one thing ordering Canadian goods online much easier. In the past, you may have been able to mindlessly peruse items, read the ingredients, check fruit and produce for blemishes, and so on. However, this can lead to contaminated items or transmission of the virus. Instead, quickly scan the goods, make a choice, and move on.

The one thing you should check for, however, is where goods are produced or grown. Buy items that are in-season when you can and choose things with Canadian ingredients as the source. This will help you support local businesses instead of foreign imports.

Disinfect Your Devices, Cards, and Key Chains

If you are going out and about, then think about all the things your personal belongings come in contact with. Your phone, your debit card, your key chains and swipe cards are all coming in contract with surfaces. Putting those items in the shopping cart or basket means that you could be doing everything right and still wind up exposed.

In short, you shouldn’t just disinfect your hands and the items you buy. Disinfect your credit cards, wallet, purse, and other belongings as well.


COVID-19 has changed the way we shop for goods. Fortunately, there is also technology to help you find local Canadian goods so you can support the businesses that matter. Shop online when you can and be smart when you go out. We can get through this together.