Being with your partner all day long, 24/7, can be challenging added to this challenge is the stress of COVID-19, which includes hardships in all shapes and forms. This brings together problems related to homeschooling, childcare, and also coping with illness and possibly death.
Covid-19 Lockdown
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In this article, we will outline and talk about relationships and how to keep your relationship healthy during this critical time. Read on below to learn all the tips needed in this uncertain time.

1. Say I Love You

This may sound very elementary, and it is really is, but during this hard time, you must tell your partner that you love them whenever you can. If you are unable to say that because of some unaddressed frustration that has accumulated over time, then focus on your partner's best qualities. 

Focus on things that they are doing well, such as are they helpful in the kitchen? Are they taking care of you? Making you a cup of tea? Or you can focus on what made you fall in love with them in the first place.

This will make you forget about what is bothering you, and in turn, it will elicit a positive response. Soon the relationship will improve, and you can address all your past frustrations.

2. Pick Your Battles

When two people live in the same house under the same roof, they are bound to get annoyed with one another. No two people can stand each other all the time and get perfectly along. However, some things are better left unaddressed and talked about. There is no need to pick out on things such as your partner not getting rid of his hair while shaving or keeping the toilet seat up. This won't do your relationship any good.

Instead, choose your battles wisely, discuss or argue on things that are worth arguing on. But if something doesn't need addressing and you can live with, then drop it right away.

3. Do Your Part As Well

The happiest relationship is the ones in which housework is shared. Most relationships have one breadwinner, and the other does domestic work. Even in situations like this, partners are happiest when both contribute to the chores and childcare. When you are stuck at home, both partners must contribute to earnings and taking care of the house.

Openly talk to your partner about labor that fits your needs and that you can do, and you can also alternate between different shifts to make life easier.

4. Be Kind to Yourself

This may sound like odd advice since this article is on keeping healthy relationships; however, you will not be able to take care of your partner if you do not take care of yourself. You can end up giving too much for your partner and risk damaging your happiness.

So to make your partner and relationship happy, you first need to be happy yourself. Do not engage in negativity, and if you find yourself doing it, then talk to your friends and distract yourself right away. This pandemic is a difficult time for you, too, and to be happy, you need to engage your sanity and keep it alive.

5. Prioritize Safety for Each Other

During this tough time, both partners need to do their part and keep their family and them safe. If one person is vigilant while the other is not, then both partners are at risk. Safety means that you stay at home and don't go out unnecessarily. You must wear protective gear when going out, keep a distance from others, and wash your hands and clothes regularly.


Invest in sanitizing products, and during this time of crisis, conflicts will arise, but you need to be stronger and manage them in a mature and adult way. Take precautions as this reduces the risk for both the partners and be safe. Prioritize your mental health, safety, and happiness because if you are healthy and happy, then your partner will feel it too.

Work as teammates to stay safe and get through this tough time together. Make sure that you trust one another because that is your entire foundation of marriage. If you have difficulty trusting your partner or wife, then you can always track her phone, which will help you build trust over time. Check-in with your partner and give them all the love you have to get rid of this hard time with love and support.