There is no ruling out the possibility of a power outage during the cold winter. There are days when the winter may be so stormy that the power company has to cut the supply of power in order to make some repairs. 

With no power, there would be no electrical heating system to provide warmth to your house. It is crucial that you prepare beforehand for this eventuality. To provide warmth for yourself and your family during the power outage, we have prepared some great tips for you.
    Using the Fireplace to Keep Warm
Yes, this is the first option you should think of. Fire is the best available option to consider when trying to keep warm without power. Fire can both be cheap and efficient. Having a fireplace indoors will be even more convenient than when it is outside. 

But in order to have the best of this experience, you have to make provision for this wood beforehand. Ensure that you have enough in-store and away from moisture. For your fireplace to keep burning, the wood must be totally dry. This way, it won't produce much smoke that could make the house inconvenient for you and your family.
    Using Candles to Keep Warm
Candles can actually serve a dual purpose for you when lit. It will serve as a lightning option for your house and also provide some warmth. Have it in mind that a stick of candle will not be enough. You'll have to place lighted candles around the house and in dark corners.

The more the candles, the more warmth it will provide.
Care must be taken to avoid fire accidents. Ensure that nothing is placed close to the candles for maximum safety. Table surfaces or metal surfaces should be used if the available candle holders are not enough. And the kids should not be left alone with candles unsupervised. Definitely, you will not have this problem if you install radiators with radiator covers.
       Using Dark Shades of Colours to Keep Warm
When decorating your home for the winter, you should make use of dark shades of colours. Dark colours are naturally light-absorbing, through this, they can absorb light which they emit at night. Having your curtains made from dark colours will serve to keep out the cold at night in winter when there is no power.
Make sure that once the sun is setting, you should pull down your curtains to keep out the cold that might try to sleep in through the windows. With the night comes a drop in temperature, which makes it colder. In the case of a power outage, having your dark curtains drawn will provide warmth in your house.
    Using Layers of Clothes to Keep Warm
Using layers of clothes to keep warm in a power outage is sure to provide warmth. You need layers of it because one will not be enough. Start with your head. Use a beanie and pull it down to cover your ears. This will ensure that the cold air does not seep into your body through your ears.

You'll need a pair of socks for your feet and stockings for your kids. When in the house, do not walk barefooted on the hard floor, have your socks on, and put on your shoes if the temperature increases.
   Using Food to Keep Warm
Food is another option to keep warm in the absence of power. As you consider warming up your house, you must pay attention to warming your body too. The best way to do this is through the consumption of hot beverages. Taking hot chocolate, coffee, and tea will fill you with warmth internally.

Food gets cold quickly in winter, so you should have it heated before serving, or you should consume it while it's still hot. You can also serve hot soup to the family as in-between meals.