When it comes to men's fashion, ties express professionalism and style. It is the fastest way to look groomed, neat, and sharp without spending on a new wardrobe.

If you agree, keep on reading to learn more about how you can improve your style with just a necktie.


• Keep it simple

Even though printed fabrics and designs can be attractive as well, simple ties are the most versatile and never fail to look stylishly professional. No matter where you are wearing it, a simple necktie will always upgrade your outfit. Men's Italian neckties would be a classy addition to your collection.

• Keep it appropriately sized

Ideally, the tie's tip should be as long as your belt line. Not shorter or longer than that. The reasons behind this are several. First of all, short ties are out of fashion. So, leave them behind in the 90s. Secondly, they look unprofessional. The length of your tie depicts how careful you are about the details and your tie speaks for itself. Longer ties have the same phenomenon. They look messier and they can be very tough to handle sometimes. The right size of tie and completely upgrade your dressing style.

• Contrasting designs

If you are wearing a shirt with smaller checks, pair it with a tie that has bigger checks. Doing this will not only make you look more put together and stylish, but it will also give off the perception that you put effort into getting ready. Just make sure that the color palette and fabric material are similar.

• Place the tie-pin just right

The right place to where your tie-pin is between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt. Again, the focus on detailing can completely change the way your outfit looks.

• Keep one shorter than the other

As a rule of thumb, the thinner piece of your tie should always be slightly shorter as compared to the wider piece. This just makes you look more neat and organized. In case you cannot make it happen and the tie is giving you a hard time, cheat a little. Stick the thinner part inside your shirt.

• Focus on the knot style

The way you tie the knot can accentuate your features and make you look more presentable in a matter of minutes. If you have an average-sized or taller neck, the basic Windsor Knot will work just fine. However, if your neck is shorter, try the Four in Hand Knot.


• Stay away from cartoons and funny patterns

Unless you are going to a 4-year old's birthday party that has a particular dress code, a cartoon-ish tie is a no-no. If you have absolutely no clue what would work, keep it simple and stick to a basic plain tie.

• The tie should not be visible through the collar area

The whole idea of wearing a tie is to look more graceful and neat. To ensure this, you need to pay proper attention to the details such as this one. Either use a thinner tie or wear a shirt with wider collars.

• Don’t tuck your tie in

Just don't. It looks very unprofessional and is frowned upon. If it is bothering you too much, put a tie-pin or a fashionable brooch to keep it in place.