Have you outgrown your web hosting capacity? If your website needs extra power and performance to handle all the additional traffic that you are getting. Then, a virtual private server (VPS) is a way to go. It’s a budget option for improving your web hosting. We will discuss service providers of VPS in USA. We will learn the procedure to host your website on the VPS server.

There are various hosting options available. The most basic form is shared hosting. Here, you get one physical server with different customers sharing the resources. It’s the entry-level of hosting. Your website will share various resources of a server like RAM, CPU, and disk space. It’s a low cost and effective method, but with the disadvantage of the low level of customization. It’s a one size fits all approach of hosting.

Another end of the scale is dedicated server hosting. Here, one server is 100% reserved for one customer. You’ll get a high degree of customization in this hosting. It’s a powerful solution, but it comes at a cost; dedicated servers are not cheap. Another drawback is that they can only run one type of operating system.

In recent years, a hybrid approach has appeared. It combines the advantages of shared hosting with dedicated hosting. It’s a virtual private server (VPS).

Steps To Host Your Website On VPS Server:

You have to make a significant decision while hosting your website on VPS. It is the selection of an ideal VPS hosting service provider.

STEP 1: Study of features provided by various service providers: 
Service providers for VPS hosting have the advantage. They provide reliable service at a comparatively low cost. Setting up a VPS server requires some technical knowhow. These hosting companies render excellent assistance in hosting and setting up. They will help to set up your website to VPS in USA.

There are various hosting service providers for VPS in USA. You should select an ideal service provider based on the following factors:
  • Data Security: You have to secure website data from various viruses, malware, and online attacks. Some service providers provide excellent security options against data theft.
  • Customization: You need to evaluate how much of website customization you need. Various service providers offer different levels of customization. It includes hardware and software up-gradation.
  • Scalability features: Sometimes, your hosting demand may increase. Then, you will need to upgrade your hardware like RAM, storage capacity, CPU cores. Hence, you should pay attention to the degree of scalability offered by various service providers.
  • Random Access Memory: RAM of your plan determines how efficiently your website functions. RAM doesn’t store any information. It controls the inward and outward flow of information.
  • Storage Capacity: All data related to the website gets stored in HDD or SDD storage. The plan should be selected based on the requirement of data storage.
  • CPU and bandwidth: CPU determines the processing power available for hosting the website. There are different CPUs available in the market. They built to cater to different hosting requirements. You need to consider the amount of data used by the website in a month. It helps determine the bandwidth requirement.
  • An internet protocol address: You need to select VPS in USA that provides a unique IP address. It helps with not getting your website blocked. It may happen due to the unlawful activity of other websites sharing the same IP address.
  • Protection against distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS): Cyberattack is becoming a grave threat against online businesses. It can cause financial loss due to website downtime. In the case of DDoS, attacks originate from different sources. Some hosting providers of VPS offer excellent protection against DDoS attacks.

STEP 2: Select an ideal hosting service provider of VPS: 
We have discussed in depth about factors you must consider. You do it before selecting your service provider. There are other factors that you should consider. These are full uptime guarantee, dedicated customer care. Some service providers offer integration of WordPress, free domain name registration, etc. These providers should be preferred.

STEP 3: Selection of an optimum plan based on hosting requirements: 
Hosting service providers of VPS in USA offer various hosting options. The cost of the package varies. It depends on different CPU, RAM, and storage requirements.
STEP 4: Registration of the domain name of your website: 
A domain name is the digital address of a website. It helps people to locate your website. You can select a domain name from a hosting service provider. Some companies provide free domain name registration. We will discuss the best provider of VPS in USA. They offer free domain name registration.

Serverwala Best VPS Provider in USA: 

Serverwala is a highly rated service provider of VPS in USA. They offer the best service, speed, scalability, and security. They have a strong user base of 7000 customers in 200 different countries. They have various customized plans that offer up to 5 TB of bandwidth. Plans include 100 Gbps DDoS protection, one unique IP address. A port with 1 Gbps capacity is another benefit.

The best thing about serverwala is you can deploy the VPS server in just a few minutes after payment for a selected customized plan. You can get thousands of different options for customization. The VPS server gets deployed within 24 hours. Serverwala provides excellent customization options like 1 to 4 processors, up to 100 hard drives, up to 1000 GB RAM, etc.

You can upgrade hardware like CPU, RAM, and storage capacity. You can purchase additional IP addresses.

Serverwala provides various versions of the Linux and Windows operating systems. They provide excellent protection against DDoS attacks.

Data loss is the catastrophic effect of a complete drive failure. Serverwala provides software RAID for free with every plan of VPS. RAID prevents data loss even in case of a complete drive failure.

Serverwala provides the best option for VPS in USA. If you want secure VPS with no downtime, then opting for serverwala VPS service is no brainer.