Pay Attention during Corporate
Many companies spend millions of dollars on development and training, but very little time and money is spent preparing employees for these programs. Most people view training as unnecessary and a waste of time. This why you should focus on making the training more interesting and engaging.

We learn new things every day in our lives, even in the workplace. Constant training is vital because corporates keep evolving. Organizations in the UAE know the benefits of corporate training to both the companies and their staff. Technology and business keep changing, and it would be difficult to keep up and maintain productivity at the workplace. This is where corporate training comes to the rescue.

Why Companies Love Corporate Training

Large corporations know that the easy road does not take you anywhere. Investing in corporate training is inexpensive in the long-run. Hiring new employees is expensive compared to training the current staff.

New workers also require some time to adjust and learn, while the current staff knows all the procedures and systems. Hiring new talent requires energy, time, and resources which could be utilized to create solutions. Company training adds knowledge to your current team while new hires have to start from scratch.

Corporate training also draws attention to the team’s and individual weaknesses and then works to get rid of these weaknesses in a safe comfortable environment. Team building should be effective to highlight areas that need improvement.

How to Capture People’s Attention during Corporate Training

There are different techniques to get people to pay attention during company training. Some of these strategies are listed below;

Remove all Distractions

It’s easy to get distracted and lose attention during training. Some trainees might feel the need to read their emails or use their social media accounts. For people to understand and retain new information, they need to be focused and attentive.

It is necessary to identify all the causes of distractions that might affect training. These might be industry-specific or generic. Always ensure that people turn off their phones during training. It is also necessary to conduct this activity away from work - this takes the minds of the trainees out of the office and helps them to relax and learn better.

Breaks are Important

Trainees can easily lose attention if they are exposed to long hours of learning without any breaks. Did you know that breaks promote motivation? Team building Dubai trainers know that taking breaks can strengthen and renew motivation in the long-run.

Breaks also increase creativity and productivity. Learning for long hours with no breaks causes exhaustion and stress. Taking breaks is beneficial because it improves your creativity, recharges your mental resources, and refreshes the mind.

Taking breaks also helps trainees to retain information. You are able to understand and retain information when your mind is relaxed. This is also when you get new ideas. Breaks don’t have to be complicated; they can be as simple as socializing or taking walks.

The Ideal Learning Space

The training ground is as important as the content you are going to learn. Trainees respond positively to team building activities when they are done in clean and open spaces. The learning environment should have effective lighting although natural lighting is better. The learning space should also distraction-free; this means no boards or arts that are not being used in the session.

The training area should accommodate all the trainees; it should not be cramped and congested. People learn more effectively when there is a sense of personal space; they should not so far apart that it affects participation and discussion.
Clear Content

Adult learners perceive information differently. They are professionals who are used to categorized information with straightforward market segments. When conducting team building games, it is necessary to remember that professionals work and respond positively to comparisons.

Using clear lists helps to prevent confusion and if you have to make exceptions do it in the specific point. Lists are very effective in training. They provide a visual break down of information in a simple but understandable way.
Use Media

There is no better way to get people’s attention during training than the use of media. You can use photographs, videos, graphs, and even audio, but remember to inform the trainees what the multimedia contains. This explanation will guide them on what to expect and they are going to remember this information. Visual aids provide a break from the normal learning routine and it’s also a fun way to learn. Visual aids provide effective ways of learning without words. It’s easier to remember an image compared to a paragraph.

Leading companies all over the world invest in corporate training because it benefits both the business and staff. So much money can be lost if companies focus on the training more than the trainees. It is easy to lose focus, especially when you think something is unnecessary. Trainers and trainees should be on the same page.