yonico router bits


Yonico router bits are one of a kind router bits, and the good thing is that they are different types for one to choose from. Their variety is what makes them stand out. There are many ways to settle on one, and this article will assist you in doing so.

Should you buy Yonico router bits? Yonico router bits are a great choice of router bits, and one should buy them if in need of durable, efficient, premium quality design router bits. Its affordability doesn’t indicate that they are of poor quality hence very different from any other cheap router bit.

Ten ways to choose yonico router bits

  • 1. The first way of choosing a yonico router bit is by checking the measurements of your router. Since there are different types and shapes of Yonico router bits.
  • 2. The different types of yonico router bits are the cove bit, straight-cutting bit, round over bit, beading bit, and chamfer bit. All these router bits have different operations.
  • 3. You can also choose a yonico router bit by checking the different sizes of the bits and ensure they are compatible with the size of the profile.
  • 4. Since there are two main sizes of router bits, each one of them offers great stability if used for the right profile.
  • 5. Another way of choosing a yonico router bit is by checking if its speed matches with the rotary speed of your router. This ensures your work is of great accuracy and quality.
  • 6. It is important to know that the range of a router is between 8000- 24000 rpm, and a router bit has to be compatible with the speed of your router.
  • 7. Additionally, you can use the price to influence your decision. You should always pick a router bit that matches your financial capability.
  • 8. However, it is important to note that most times, if the router bit is pricey, chances are the router bits are actually of premium quality, and they last longer than their cheap counterparts.
  • 9. The material used in making the router bits can actually help you in choosing the yonico router bit. The material also dictates the quality of the router bit.
  • 10. Router bits made from carbide are the best as they are durable and are of good quality.

Frequently asked questions

A. Are yonico router bits any good?

Yonico router bits are good and are a great option, especially for anyone under a budget. They offer a decent cut onto one’s plywood without tearing on it. One, however, should be extra careful when using them on thick plywood.

B. How do I know what size router bit to get?

Since the size of the router bit influences the user’s safety, for you to know the right size of the router bit, you need to tailor the router’s speed to match the router bit’s diameter.

C. What are the best router bits?

There are three main router bits that you should consider purchasing, and these are the Whiteside, Freud, and Yonico router bits depending on one’s budget. They are all efficient, durable, and good quality. The only difference is that Yonico is a cheaper option.

D. Where are Whiteside router bits made?

Whiteside router bits are made in Hickory, NC, under the Whiteside Machine Company.

E. What are the best router bits to buy?

Freud 91-100 is the best router bits to purchase as they were created in an accurate manner. Although they are expensive, there are of premium quality.

F. What are the router bits to buy?

The best router bits to buy are the Hiltex 10100, Bosch RBS010, Freud, Whiteside, and yonico router bits are the best router bits to buy as they are among the top 10 router bits in the market today. They all possess the qualities one would look for in a router bit. The only difference is that they are at different prices.

G Are Whiteside router bits good?

Whiteside router bits are so durable and efficient in what they do; their only con is their price, although most people prefer due to their premium quality and find it worthy of its high price.


By using any of the ways of choosing one type of Yonico router bit, one is sure to pick the right one. Always be sure to apply due diligence before purchasing a Yonico Router bit.