Self-Publish a Book

If you want to self-publish your book, technically, it is free, but it is important you consider why you are self-publishing while considering the potential expenses. If book writing is the most important goal of your time, then spending a little money to make your book best is crucial to your experience complete.

Sometimes self-publishing is free and sometimes it costs money. The difference lies in the details: the steps are quite simple and can be done by you, but at times it’s better to hire the professional service. In case, you come to know what type of expenses you may expect, it becomes to make your compromises whenever required. It is your decision whether you want to learn some new things and try it on your own, or look for the professional help.

Suppose you are excited about your writing career, then costs linked with the quality publishing are one important investment to create the intellectual property asset, which will make you earn good amount of money your entire life. This is quite exciting, let us get into more detail and know how much does it cost.

What are the primary costs of the self-publishing?

Suppose you are planning to do it yourself without any author services, the primary costs for the self-publishing will be:

Professional editing

Many authors like Sam Haskell suggest making use of the professional editor to make the book better, however, the cost can depend on the level of the writing, how much of editing it requires, how long your book is, or editor you select and it will range in around $300 to $2000.

Coming to my experience, editing seems to be most costly thing in the starting of your career since you will be learning the art. However, it is the best investments one can ever earn make to become the great writer

Professional book cover design

Many authors will recommend paying the professional book cover designer for their book cover. Do-it-yourself will not cut in the competitive environment & your cover will be one best marketing asset that you have. This will cost you around $50 to $300.

Doing Formatting

Most of the authors prefer doing formatting on their own to retain the control, thus it is free in case you can spend a little time up front to learn how you have to do it. The cost will come to around $50 to $200. So, these are some important outgoings that you need to know when you are getting the book published as eBook or print book.

Always keep in mind that actual publishing is totally free on all book retailers & for print online. It is one kind of preparation of manuscript & files that charges high. If you are checking the cost, you will come to know how the process works and how you can cut down on the cost. 

There are any other costs that are associated with the marketing, for example, building the author website (you can check online how you may do this cheaply and quickly), advertising, email list management, or other activities that you select to do. 

If you have selected to use the author services website who will help you to do all these tasks, it is possible to cost much more to you, thus know your goals and what you want to learn and if you are ready to do it yourself before committing to do it.


Self-publishing means you have the right to take the actions, and you can set your budget. There’s a lot of freedom that you get when self-publishing your book, suppose you do not have enough resources for buying top-of-line help and promotion, you will get started & grow your sales organically.

With this you will also learn along your way, what works or what does not work for you, and work through a few trial and error, or recycle earnings from the first round in the next attempts of indie publishing. 

It will help you to find your way to streamline the self-publishing costs as well as maximize your profits. It is important to know that most of the authors find success after some self-publishing tries, no matter what it costs, might be different the next time.