Web Design and Development
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Building a new website is one of the most exciting parts of coming up with a business and presenting it to the world. Seeing how your website is the virtual face you show your clients, therefore, it is essential to invest a little more money and time into getting a functional and stunning design. You must hire professional web designers from phirannodesigns.com.au for eye-catching website design.

But how long does a website really take design? Can it be done in a day? (Trust us, it will never be done in a single day!) Let’s have a look at how long web design and web development take on average. 

How Long Does It Really Take?

This is a common question heard by web designers and web developers around the globe. While there is no single answer to the question, because every project is different, there is a general timeline that most creators follow. 

Three things factor into how long your specific project will take:

How soon is the project started? Most of the time, a web design and development group is not going to be ready to immediately start your project, especially if they have delivered high-quality work in the past. The better something looks and functions, the more time it’s going to take. Because of this, you should expect a delay between the time you give the designer and developer the go-ahead and when they really begin. 

How long does it take to build a website? How long before the web developer and web designer are ready for review? Many groups have a process that we mention below. The process gives a rough time frame for building a website and when you get to see the rough drafts and final product. 

How long before you launch? This depends largely on you. Do you plan on launching in three weeks from now? A few months? Depending on your intended launch date, you may have to revise your expectations for the website. 

The Phases of Web Design and Development

While this is unique to every web design and web development group, the phases of creating a website are generally broken down into several steps: 
  • Initial Planning or Discovery
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Revisions
  • Migration and Launch
  • Initial Planning

This is when you sit down—virtually or in real life—and layout your ideas. You tell the website development and design group what you are looking for when you plan on launching, and the ultimate purpose of the website. Using the information that you give during this consultation, the group will start drafting up some ideas. However, as mentioned earlier, most groups are backed up 1-3 weeks with prior engagements. 

As such, the initial planning stage can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks.


This is where things begin to form. The web designer starts to come up with various versions of the website and will send you these mockups. If your budget is smaller, your web designer might instead base your website on one of these pre-existing php scripts which can be used to create versatile web applications at a lesser cost. After you review the sketches or any other ideas, the web designer will finalize the overall design. Now, this depends on you and whether or not you ask for revisions or are immediately pleased with the designs that are delivered. 

This can take around 1-3 weeks. So far, we are at 2-6 weeks in total.


The third phase is web development. Once things look pretty, the web developer steps in to make sure everything is going to operate perfectly. The designer and developer will often meet several times to ensure that the design isn’t compromised and vice versa. Since some websites have more complex functions than others, some development might take longer than you’d think. 

That is why development is the longest section of the project and can take up to 50 percent of the project’s duration, usually a month or two. This is because web designers and web developers must fix bugs, tweak codes, repair inconsistencies, and click here much more. 

Revisions & Approval

The final period is often where the most modifications take place, and since this is wholly dependent on what you want or don’t want, there is no true time frame. Most web design groups recommend allowing for at least two weeks of revisions and changes. 

If you want to get through this final section of the project, then you must be prepared for it. Give yourself some time to review the delivered designs. Have questions that you want to ask. Know how to describe exactly what you want to be changed and know that you may have to make calls or meetings in order to hasten the process. 

During this time, if there is any content you want immediately posted to your website, you should also hand it over to the web design and development group so they can add it before launch. After all, the main reason for delayed launches is half-finished content. 


So, how long does it take to build a website? From start to finish, it usually takes around 14 weeks at minimum. That means about 1-3 weeks for initial planning, about 2 weeks for design, a month or so for development, and a few weeks of revisions prior to launch. However, it could take much longer depending on the breadth of the project and what you want to be added prior to launch. 

In order to hasten the process, it is best to have a clear idea about what you want and plan ahead for meetings and reviews. That way, you won’t be waiting months to launch your website.