Motorcycle Helmet

Your motorcycle helmet is the single most important safety item when you are riding. The majority of crashes involve a head impact. There is a huge difference between a very basic helmet and a high-end one in terms of protection. However, even the best motorcycle helmets don’t last forever. So, how long do they last?

Typical Lifespan of a Motorcycle Helmet

The typical lifespan of a motorcycle helmet is about five years with general use. However, some may last closer to two or three years if you are using them very frequently.

Of course, not every helmet will get to live out its full lifespan. These are a few signs that your helmet is ready to kick the bucket:

You’ve been in an accident. Get your helmet x-rayed after an accident and replace it if there are any signs of damage.
  • It has noticeable wear and tear.
  • It is getting loose.
  • The strap or any other locking part has failed.
  • It’s more than five years old.
Five years isn’t a very long time. However, it isn’t worth risking your health and life over needing to replace your helmet.

Complete Your Motorcycle Look With Long-Lasting Helmets

When you are shopping for motorcycle helmets, think about longevity. Buying a long-lasting helmet will save you money in the long run because you will need to buy fewer replacements. Plus, the well-made ones tend to be more protective and longer-lasting. In general, it is better to spend a little extra on your helmet because it is the main line of defense protecting your life in a crash.

Consider which type of helmet you want to buy. For example, you may consider full face vs. modular helmets. For former are a little more effective but the latter tend to be more comfortable. Some people choose open face or half helmets. However, these lack facial protection which can make a huge difference in a crash.

Check Your Motorcycle Helmet Rating Before Buying

Whenever you buy a helmet, make sure to check the safety ratings. There are a few bodies that provide ratings to motorcycle helmets. In the U.S., all helmets need to be rated by the Department of Transportation indicating that they meet a minimum level of protectiveness. The Economic Commission for Europe also rates helmets. Their standards are a little more rigorous.

Finally, there is the SNELL rating. This is generally considered to be the best rating for motorcycle helmets. It is entirely voluntary (although some racing organizations require it). If you find a helmet with a SNELL rating, it is likely high-quality and safe. Furthermore, the voluntary rating indicates that the manufacturer takes safety seriously.

Find Your Ideal Helmet Today

Check out some of the men’s and women's motorcycle helmets on sale today. If your existing helmet is more than five years old, it is likely time for a new one. The same applies if your helmet is showing any signs of wear or damage. When you are shopping keep the longevity and safety ratings in mind. These two data points will help you to select a good-quality helmet.