Most Amazing Features in Windows 10

Are you new to Windows 10? Do you have used Windows 7 till now? Are you still using Windows 7? If you are new and need to learn about the features that Windows 10 introduced recently, do not worry. We will tell you all about it.

While you were using Windows 7, you already know some features we will discuss in this article because Microsoft has reintroduced some previous parts, so all the remaining Windows 7 users can switch to Windows 10.

Some features were in Windows XP and were also reintroduced in Windows 10.

The thing is that Microsoft wants all the popular stuff into one operating system, meaning some Windows XP and Windows 7 features are reintroduced in Windows 10. Which is quite impressive, don’t you think?

These 12 most amazing features will let you switch to Windows 10. They will make your operating system live much more leisurely, plus, you will be getting more new features that Microsoft has introduced in Windows 10 recently and can only be used in Windows 10. If you haven’t switched to Windows 10,, you will do it after reading this article.

There are some new multitasking features that they have introduced; they have combined the gaming experience of Xbox with the operating system, which means you can enjoy all the Xbox games on your PC as well, and you can connect your Xbox controller to your PC. There are many more unique features that they have introduced in this operating system.

I know you are getting excited by just reading this; the same feeling I got while writing this article for you.

So, I will take less time on the Intro of this article. I suggest business while you are excited and want to read more. So, let’s get started.

1. The start menu returns

As you all remember, the start menu from Windows 7, and when you switched to Windows 8, you did not get the familiar feeling with the start menu of 8. And many detractors of 8 said to make the start menu as before, but Windows 10 fulfilled all its promises and came up with the start menu again.

Although this start menu has some changes, it works like the old one. Some changes are from Windows; let’s just say that Microsoft has combined the Windows 7 start menu and Windows 8 start and made them one.

However, if you love the Windows 8 start menu, you can also make that menu appear. Microsoft has made all the start menus appear in Windows 10, so if you want to change the start menu to Windows 8 style, that can also happen.

Plus, the original start menu of Windows 10 can be organized by resizing or customization of apps that you love the most.

2. Cortana on Desktop

Microsoft introduced voice digital assistant Cortana in the mobile version of the operating system to check how this works. After the success and great reviews of the voice assistant, Microsoft introduced it in Windows 10.

This voice assistant will help you with searches inside the PC and on the internet. Now you can easily do searches by simply asking Cortana to do the search. You can tell her to do anything, and she will do it for you. You can set updates, reminders, and much more stuff that you need daily.

3. The Xbox app

As I told you in the Intro, Microsoft is introducing Xbox on its operating system. So, now here we are; you can play any game you want on Xbox One on your PC, and you do not even want any console to connect to your system.

Moreover, you can connect the original Xbox controller to your PC, and Windows 10 will let you touch it. You can play any game and have the live experience Xbox console on your system.

The Xbox app introduced much more than that; you will get your own recorder from which you can record your live game experience. The feature that is giving you this experience is called Game DVR.

4. Improved multitasking

Microsoft has introduced its multitasking feature in Windows 10. This feature works similarly to Apple’s Spaces. But the question is, how does this multitasking work? The answer to this question is straightforward; on the bottom left corner of your Windows 10, you will see an icon illustrating some boxes arranged vertically. If you click on that icon, you will find that your current screen has shrunk, and you will see an option for a new desktop.

If you click on that option, you will be switched to another desktop, and if you want to return to the previous one, you can simply click on the task view icon and then go back to the last desktop; this will help you do multiple stuff on multiple screens.

If you want a shortcut, simply press the Windows key + Tab.

5. Universal app

Microsoft has introduced a new app which is called the Universal app. With this app, you can continue your work on any other gadget of Microsoft or the tech that support Windows 10.

All you have to do is sync your device via Microsoft cloud service, OneDrive. So, it can store all your data and then use it on every device you want by simply logging in with your ID. This feature works with Outlook email IDs.

6. Office apps get touch support

Microsoft introduced a new version of Office in Windows 10. This is the update of the mobile app version, and it will work like mobile, but the change is that you can use this on a PC as well.

7. Continuum

As the world was introduced by tablet + laptop hybrid devices. Microsoft makes something that benefits them and the people, so if the people use the operating system, they feel natural and happy with the performance.

So, for this, Microsoft also made a tablet version of Windows 10. WYou can switch the laptop version to the tablet version of the operating system whenever you are using the tablet or disconnect the keyboard and mouse from the screen. The operating system will also automatically detect it and switch the option whenever you switch PC to tablet or tablet to PC.

8. Action center

Microsoft introduced a new feature in Windows 10 to see the notifications that will come for the user. The quality is called the Action Centre, in which all the mail notifications and other notifications will go to you, and you can easily see them from one place.

This makes it easier to read notifications. Plus, the action center has a bar in which you have some other options that can be useful.

9. Unified settings

As you have seen in Windows 7, there were two setting options; one was PC settings, and the other was Control settings called a control panel.

However, in Windows 10, they are combined and formed into one, which makes it a lot easier to use as all the things are in one place now, and you do not want to open to setting windows now.

10. Hidden game bar

As you know, for the past couple of years, Microsoft has shown great interest in its gaming side as well, and now they are introducing some gaming options in Windows 10 as well, which will improve the gaming experience of the users.

They have introduced a game bar and not just a game bar; you can even record your live game experience with it and take screenshots. The game bar also enhances your experience and makes your PC resolution even brighter when you are playing the game.

Above all, they are giving some new gadgets that will enhance your experience with gaming with Windows 10.

11. Press pause on updates

This feature is unique, as we have heard complaints regarding updates from the users. In Windows 10, Microsoft put a pause option on Windows updates that will let you decide if you want to update your system with it or if you just have to put the updates to rest and consider them afterward.


We have told you all about the features that Microsoft introduced in Windows 10. These features will help you understand Windows 10 even more, and we hope this article can impact you; if you are still using Windows 7, it will help you switch to Windows 10. We will come with Linux and Windows comparison articles soon, so stay tuned.