As we all know, there are hundreds of mental diseases that millions of people face right now. These include anxiety, anorexia, schizophrenia, different phobias, panic attacks, depression, and many more. Depression is one of the most common mental health diseases, as well as devastating too. So what depression is? Depression is a severe type of mental disease that negatively affects the human mind. 

A human mind is the basic block of his body, so if it is not working correctly or is filled with negative thoughts, then surely his whole body, including his appearance, will get affected. Depression urges a person to feel worthless and sad. Depression is one of those diseases which are not taken seriously. But it has adverse effects on a person. 

When you talk about your depression with anyone, they start to make fun regardless of the shame you are feeling at that time. So in most cases, people keep it to themselves in fear of becoming a spotlight. Depression is not only a feeling of sadness but a loss of interest in everyday tasks, trouble in sleeping, loss of appetite or overeating, etc. In extreme cases, it also leads a person towards suicide! Depression should be cured at its early stages to save people from dying

Deaths due to depression worldwide:

According to the World Health Organization, around 264 million world's population is suffering from depression. Approximately 800000 people die due to this cursed disease every year. A study tells that depression is mostly found in teens and people of the age group 20-25.

Is there a solution to depression?

Studies show that there are different levels of depression-like major depression, persistent depression, manic depression, depressive psychos, perinatal depression, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Each type of depression has various symptoms like some include insomnia, frequent crying, social withdrawal, etc. 

Depression is not always a crying person but sometimes a person who always tries to make others happy. If we say that depression is not curable, then we might be wrong. With proper treatment, it is treatable. So, the word treatment does not only mean medicinal treatment but the treatment of behaviour too! 

When a person is getting depressed, most of us do not bother. People become distant from that person by saying he is always sad; he is a cry baby and much more. But they do not know that that person needs their care badly at that time. So the first option of treating any depressed person is by giving him proper love, affection, and attention. 

Moreover, a depressed person should make his routine good, including some time for exercise. He may visit a psychiatrist to get some therapy. In most cases, people become well by seeing that people love them so much. But in other situations, there might be some more severe cases that need medicinal treatment along with behavioural treatment as well. 


The medicinal treatment of depression includes the usage of antidepressants. Antidepressants are those medicines that help relieve your mind, consequently curing depression. They balance the chemical imbalance in one's mind. 
They provide you with a functional cure for depression temporarily. As soon as you stop taking these medicines, it starts getting worse again. So rare are the people using antidepressants that successfully beat depression after quitting the use of antidepressants. 
Even though they help relieve depression though temporarily, they have an uncountable number of side effects on the human body if taken for the long term. It includes dizziness, constipation, dry mouth, nausea, etc.

Marijuana and depression:

Marijuana and depression

Depression and marijuana are two terms with different meanings, but they go hand to hand as well. Marijuana is a drug. But did you know that it has a significant role in curing depression? Studies show that endocannabinoids, a chemical in the brain linked to feeling well-being, activate the same receptors that some marijuana compounds activate. 

If the production of endocannabinoids is lower in the human brain, it increases the chances of stress. The chemicals in marijuana help in the creation of endocannabinoids so that stress vanishes quickly. A study shows that marijuana possesses anti-depressant properties. Studies tell that THC and CBD both possess anti-depressant properties in it; you can head onto Kootney botanicals right now because when we had edibles in Kootenay, BC. from this brand they were of the highest quality and if your doctor does recommend them to you, this is the best place to shop.

CBD also helps in reducing chronic pain by affecting endocannabinoid receptors. Although marijuana acts as an antidepressant, yet it has a devastating effect on human health. Marijuana or cannabis helps cure depression; meanwhile, it also increases the chances of depression in a healthy human brain. It may trigger schizophrenia in some humans. 

In some people, it may create a throat infection or irritation. After using marijuana, it takes very long for you to sober up again. Long term use of marijuana can lead you to become more anxious than before. It can also affect your senses like colours might seem comparatively brighter. It also affects your motor nerves. 

Marijuana is a way to cure depression, but it is not a permanent one. As soon as the person stops its intake, depression may occur again and in more complex forms. It makes a person addicted to it. One should avoid its long term usage as well.
Smokers of marijuana:

Studies show that smokers smoking marijuana are more prone to depression as compared to non-smokers. They are more prone to anxiety attacks. Marijuana must not be strictly used on children under 18 years as they can become addicted to it and start taking it as drugs. For your smoking accessory needs, you can buy with Smoke Cartel

To sum it all up, everything in the world has some drawbacks as well as some benefits, such as marijuana. We have concluded that if taken as an antidepressant purpose, it may relieve a person. Still, its long term use can cause several other problems, including different types of other mental disorders, including phobias. Moreover, it has adverse effects on the minds of children. 

Although it helps in brain development and the development of white matter in the brain, at the same time, it can exaggerate any other type of mental illness. So it is better to use cautiously within the prescribed amount and make sure that the time limit should not last too long.